Mystique, Gambit, and Deadpool May All Get Their Own Movies Because Marvel Is Making All The Money

X-Men: Days of Future Past

All the X-Men films are already in one universe, or at least they will be after the forthcoming _Days of Future Past_, so here is the least surprising news of the week: Fox wants to make more individual X-Men movies. Shocker!

As in _shocking_, but meant sarcastically. Not trying to name a mutant or anything.


> “There was a regime [at the studio] that didn’t see the worth in [spin-offs], and the current people who run Fox understand, embrace it, and we’re going to do right by it,” says producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who’s produced all of the X-Men films. “I’d like to do Gambit. I’d like to do Deadpool. We’ll see. There’s a lot of really great characters.”

> With shapeshifter Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) taking a pivotal role in Past‘s plot, Donner says she’d be interested in taking that character into a solo film.

There’s some things to be taken away from here and the first is “because Marvel”, as with every other franchise solidifying the idea of a shared universe.

The second is that if they do want to do these characters does that mean we get to ignore their bullshit appearances? More specifically does that mean we forget that _X-Men Origins: Wolverine_ ever had terrible versions of Deadpool or Gambit happened?

Interesting times people.