The Expendables 3 Has a Cast Of Thousands, Each With Their Own Poster

The Expendables 2

16 Posters of action stars new, and old.

These posters come to you via IGN, JoBlo, Coming Soon and Collider.

In the new movie Rambo Barney and Jason Statham have to recruit a bunch of fresh young faces to help fight back against their oldest enemy, co-founder of the Expendables and the best friend Barney was forced to kill, Martin Riggs… Mel Gibson.

Here are the fresh young faces.





The guy from Twilgiht, the MMA fighter, and … two other people. Sure. They din’t really fit with the aesthetic of the Expendables to me (that aesthetic being old men) but they look ok regardless.

Here are a couple of new old faces to the franchise:






El Mariachi, Han Solo, Frasier Crane, Martin Riggs and Blade. Fucking awesome.

Also, Harrison Ford in a flight suit? Awesome. Wesley Snipes without facial hair? Unrecognizable.

And here are the faces we know and love.








When I was a kid if you’d told me that any three of these guys would be in a movie together I probably would have lost my shit, now I am getting a movie with 12 icons and 4 fresh new faces. I really hope that Expendables 3 follows on from the “we understand the joke here” tone of the second movie and not the “this is serious business” tone from the first because if it does I think it will be amazing.

I had also kind of hoped they’d bring back Jean Claude Van Damme as the twin brother of the bad guy from the second movie because how awesome would that be? It’d be ridiculous, but it’d be pretty much exactly right for this franchise.

The Expendables 3 is out 15th August. In the mean time we’ll keep an eye out for trailers.