Awesome: Godzilla International Trailer Gives Us First Clear Look At The Monsters


Yes, Monsters. Plural.

This trailer is potentially spoilery so here is your obligatory “you may not want to watch” warning.


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It’s been clear fora while that there is going to be more than one monster and this is our first clear look. I’m not as up on my Godzilla lore as I should be but the flying monster is potentially Rodan? Feel free to correct me / discuss because I’m honestly not sure. It’s interesting that this trailer seems to make clear that the good guys are effectively steering Godzilla into the path of this other monster; that is to say that Godzilla is effectively the good guy here. I really like that idea in old Godzilla movies, that he’s somewhat of a protector, and I really hope it pans out.

Also, that roar. And the look of the kaiju. If this movie ends up sucking (which I doubt) it won’t be because they got the designs wrong (like they did in 90s attempt).

Also also, what if there is more than two monsters?

Also also also, IS IT 16TH MAY YET?