Maleficent Trailer: This Actually Doesn’t Look Terrible


I’ve had mixed feelings about _Maleficent_ ever since I heard about it because honestly the “re-imagined fairy tale” thing has kind of worn out it’s welcome with me. Then they marketing started happening and it just looked a bit… meh.

So imagine my surprise when parts of this new trailer actually looked kind of cool.

So it’s not all good, but it’s not all bad either. I’m glad to get a chance to see Angelina Jolie actually acting in this trailer and the (presumably) back story where she has wings which are stripped from her looks interesting and may even serve to make her a sympathetic villain. Hopefully.

The question here too is how much of a prequel is this to _Sleeping Beauty_ or is it just a re-imagine? That’s admittedly two questions, but I’m interested to find out. I guess I will on 30th May.