Review: Maleficent


So I have to warn you now that this review will contain spoilers after the jump because there’s pretty much no way I can tell you anything about this movie without spoiling it. Short version: Angelina Jolie is good, the subtext is shocking (for a Disney movie), but the movie isn’t very good. If you want to know why keep reading, if you want to go see it without knowing anything then stop reading now.

Ok? Ok.

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Maleficent Trailer: This Actually Doesn’t Look Terrible


I’ve had mixed feelings about _Maleficent_ ever since I heard about it because honestly the “re-imagined fairy tale” thing has kind of worn out it’s welcome with me. Then they marketing started happening and it just looked a bit… meh.

So imagine my surprise when parts of this new trailer actually looked kind of cool.

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