Robocop Trailer: This Remake Is A Thing That’s Happening Alright


Ok so this thing is happening and now it has a trailer. Let’s watch and discuss.

Ok… so I don’t even know where to begin with this. That’s the reason it’s taken me so long to post it really.

So here in point form:

* It’s a needless remake. Seriously. The original is still great.
* The implication in the trailer is that OCP chooses and injures Alex to make him into Robocop. That might be editing, and I hope that it is, because this movie won’t need any more evidence that OCP is evil.
* The maintaining his personality instead of trying to wipe it is interesting and I suppose inevitable given that it’s the only other way to go and that way they can jump right to him breaking out from their control, and that story can be made longer.
* Admittedly, this version of Robocop will be able to move faster and with more agility than original Robocop. I’m not sure about this because the idea that he was slow moving always really worked for me in the original. That is, he doesn’t need to be that fast because he’s going to get you no matter what.
* I can’t say if this looks truly bad or not, the supporting cast alone is enough to get me in a seat, but after all the shitty remakes lately I can’t say as my expectations are very high.

What do you guys think?

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