Escape From Tomorrow Trailer + Poster: WTF Am I About To Watch

Escape From Tomorrow

Escape From Tomorrow is a film that, by all accounts, shouldn’t exist. It was filmed on location at Disneyland but without the permission of Disney. That is, the cast and crew dressed as tourists and just went there and shot the movie. That takes some serious balls, and apparently they only narrowly avoided security at times.

The film itself is shot in black and white and concerns a man who goes slowly insane at Disneyland on the last day of a family vacation after being told he’s being fired from his job. Let’s take a look.

Trailer Addict has the trailer:

WTF did I just watch? That’s some messed up imagery right there and you know what? Good or bad, I want to see more. It looks like they’ve done a brilliant job of turning “The Happiest Place On Earth” into “Splash Mountains of Madness”. Hell, I’ll see this just because of how it was made, but the fact that it looks good makes it all the better. And then there’s the poster!

[ brings us the poster](

Escape From Tomorrow

I mean, holy shit people, how’s that for repurposed iconography?

I don’t know how they are managing to actually release this without a massive lawsuit from Disney, but come 11th October I plan to be watching this one.