Godzilla ComicCon Poster is Striking and Amazing


Nope, we’re not quite done. In case you wernt aware there is a new Godzilla movie in the works for next year. It’s being helmed by Gareth Edwardds, the guy behind the indie film Monsters which if you are wondering how this guy got handed Godzilla, well, go see it and you’ll understand.

There’s probably going to be a bunch of info revealed at the upcoming ComicCon in San Diego, and as a tease to that there’s an awesome new poster.

Via HitFix:

Godzilla ComicCon Poster

Holy shit that’s an awesome image. I love how it evokes both the destruction that Godzilla himself is going to leave in his wake but also that it appears they are going with a more classic Godzilla design as one of the big complaints about the terrible terrible 1998 film was the new look of Godzilla which was terrible. Did I mention terrible? It was terrible.

I have high hopes for this one though, but it’s almost a year away from it’s 16th May 2014 release date so we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you guys think?

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