Trailer and Poster for 300: Rise of an Empire look…. good… ish

300 Rise of an Empire

Remember _300_? Zach Snyder broke big on that movie based on a Frank Miller graphic novel. It’s not exactly high art, but it was pretty fun and certainly has a distinctive style.

Well now there is another movie coming and here is the first trailer and poster. Let’s take a look!

Well, they certainly got the look right didn’t they? Not surprising as while Zack Snyder didn’t direct he did produce. Noam Murro hasn’t directed a lot but this looks like it could be a make it or break it deal for him.

It’s nice to see Lena Headey back as Gorgo and Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes, and apparently David Wenham is back as Dilios. I don’t recall seeing Sullivan Stapleton in anything but he does look the part.

And honestly, this just kind of looks fun. 300 wasn’t really objectively _good_ but it was a good time, and this looks like it might capture that. What do you think?

300 Rise of an Empire Poster