Awesome: Marvel Confirms Daredevil Rights Now Back In The Fold


[According to Newsarama](

> Speaking with Newsarama Monday at the Iron Man 3 press junket, the Marvel Studios president of production told us at the end of our conversation that, as previously speculated, the Daredevil rights are now under the Disney/Marvel umbrella. We directly asked Feige if the reports that Marvel Studios now had the rights to Daredevil were accurate, to which he replied, “To Daredevil? Yes.”

> In August, it was reported that previous rights-holder Fox had a deadline of Oct. 10 to put a Daredevil film into production before the rights returned to Marvel, a deadline that then passed. Though it was widely assumed this meant the character was now under Marvel control, no official announcement followed.

I know some of you only have experience with Daredevil by way of the 2003 movie, which a lot of people don’t like, but the character is great. Think Batman, but without the money and with actual super powers.

So I chalk this up as a good thing. The question now is, what are they going to do with him?