Trailer: BioShock Infinite

Bioshock: Infinite

Remember how I’ve been talking about how I haven’t really been able to get excited about gaming lately and how there aren’t any games on the horizon that I’m actually excited to play?

Turns out I forgot that _BioShock: Infinite_ is a thing that’s actually happening. Here’s a look at the latest trailer.

BioShock remains one of the best games ever made for the current generation of consoles, and one of my personal favourite games of all time. The story was perfectly paced and the characters were engaging, the graphics were, _are_, stunning and beautifully realized, and the atmosphere was downright creepy. This is a game that legitimately managed to scare me the first time I played it because a few of its set pieces are perfectly executed.

BioShock 2 wasn’t quite as good, but was still a great game. Lots of interesting new story developments and gameplay mechanics, but it really did feel tacked on when the end of the first game was clearly written as a closed ending. Still, a great game and well worth playing.

So yes, I have high hopes for Infinite. Hopefully the game lives up to its predecessors.