Awesome: PS3 exclusive “The Last Of Us” sounds amazing

[Eurogamer]( has published an extensive preview of The Last Of Us, the PS3 swansong by Uncharted makers Naughty Dog. It sounds like it’s got all the spit and polish of the adventure series, with an added element of survival horror, but without any of the linear hand-holding that dogged Drake’s Deception:

Having proven so adept at telling its own stories, The Last of Us feels like a Naughty Dog game that finally allows players to tell their own, offering a space in which there’s a palpable sense of terror and a broad set of possibilities. Late in the play-through, we get to craft one of our own. With one bullet left in the stock of Joel’s shotgun and a single freshly crafted molotov in his backpack, we’re presented with a room with three creepers and a single runner; a grisly puzzle that plays out with grim results. The shotgun shell’s used to kill the runner at the far end of the room, the Molotov used to disperse the two creepers standing side-by-side while the final creeper’s seen off with a flurry of desperate hand-to-hand blows.

After the slightly disappointing aftertaste left by the aforementioned Uncharted 3, this has the potential to be one of the games that defines this generation, coming right before the PS3 becomes superseded. I *love* a good third-person adventure game, so this has me very, very excited.