No Man’s Sky Gameplay Footage Is a Sci-Fi Dream


You know those books you got obsessed with when you were younger – Harry Harrison, Arthur C. Clarke, any novel that had weird aliens and spaceships on the tatty covers? Well, in today’s Sony E3 conference, UK indie studio Hello Games showed off gameplay footage of *No Man’s Sky* and, if you loved those books, this is the game of your dreams. Take a look!

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And So Here’s The Trailer For Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

CoD Kevin Spacey

Hang on, I just need to set my watch by the *Call Of Duty* release schedule. Activision has just released the first full trailer for *CoD Advanced Warfare*, their latest entry in the FPS juggernaut due out as usual in November of this year.

“But how can we make people care about this one?”, scream the marketers.

Two words: Kevin. Spacey.

Little more interested now?

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The Next Reality: Game Makers Design The Future


A few years ago – and I wish I could find the link, but you’re going to have to trust me – Cliff Bleszinski (formerly of Epic Games and designer of *Gears Of War*) said that The Next Big Thing would be usable Virtual Reality headsets. He was emphatic, but is also known to be so, leading to his claim being categorised with so many other wild predictions from  industry professionals.

Except now it doesn’t sound so wild.

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Great Moments Of The Generation: Uncharted 2’s Jeep-Hopping


The extra power of the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation heralded an important development in gaming: the dreams of matching the cinematic narrative style so prevalent in Hollywood could finally be realised. In hindsight, this strictly linear approach had arguably more failures than successes – for every *Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare* there was a *HAZE*, every *Heavy Rain* matched by a *Turning Point*. It was clear that pure power wasn’t enough – it had to be utilised not only by expert coders, but also by writers and directors who understood the need  for deep, compelling characters in an exciting story.

And the absolute peak of this new wave was Naughty Dog’s expertly constructed *Uncharted 2*.

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E3 2013: Sony Press Conference


With Microsoft firmly setting out their stall regarding their plan to be the central entertainment hub of America’s homes, it was up to Sony to give gamers what they really wanted – a focus back on the things that made us fall in love with this hobby in the first place.

But could they manage to resist the allure of always-on Internet and restricted used game policies?

The answer was, emphatically, YES.

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Incoming: E3 2013 – Press Schedules, Live Blogging and Special Podcast


Every year, the gaming industry gathers in Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainmeant Expo for the first taster of the latest handware, software and game exclusives that will be vying for your attention over the next twelve months. It’s always a massive, industry-only event, even when the press events themselves turn out to be disappointments. There will be none of that this year, though – with the twin giants of Microsoft and Sony ready to pull back the curtain on their respective next-gen consoles, it’s going to be stacked with big names and attractive soundbyes.

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