The Mysteries of Laura & The Other NBC Shows You Should Be Watching

The Mysteries of Laura - Season 1

The first of the 2014 Fall Premieres has arrived in the form of Debra Messing and NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura.  Messing is as charming, funny, serious and believable as always.  Which is good because without her this show would be firmly in Taxi Brooklyn territory.  What?  Exactly. Continue reading “The Mysteries of Laura & The Other NBC Shows You Should Be Watching”

Seth Meyers Does Reddit, Read It.

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 1

The Primetime Emmy Awards are Monday night, now would be a good time to set your DVRs (don’t forget to allow for extra time) if you haven’t already.  The host this year is everyone’s favourite Weekend Update turned Late Night host, Stefon’s husband Seth Meyers.  In the promotional run up to the show he sat down to do a Reddit AMA you might want to check out. Continue reading “Seth Meyers Does Reddit, Read It.”

Welcome Back to Sweden!

Will Ferrell and Greg Poehler in Welcome to Sweden.
Will Ferrell and Greg Poehler in Welcome to Sweden.

The very first time I posted on this site it was about Welcome to Sweden.  Remember?  I told you that it was a must-watch.  Well good news, the network agreed!  Welcome to Sweden has officially been renewed for a second season and we’re only halfway through the first one!

Break out the allen keys and crank up the Hives!  In the meantime I’ll be googling other Swedish references.  Don’t miss a new episode tonight on NBC.

Welcome to Sweden – Välkommen Till Sverige

Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

Or as I like to call it, “Why Aren’t You Watching Welcome To Sweden?”

Also known by the working title “Wait, Amy Poehler has a brother?”

Yes.  There is another Poehler.  You may be asking yourself why it is that if Amy Poehler is everyone’s television best friend that you had absolutely no idea she had a brother.  Why has Amy been keeping him secret all this time?  Does that mean she is not really your best friend?  Did Tina know? Continue reading “Welcome to Sweden – Välkommen Till Sverige”