Seth Meyers Does Reddit, Read It.

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 1

The Primetime Emmy Awards are Monday night, now would be a good time to set your DVRs (don’t forget to allow for extra time) if you haven’t already.  The host this year is everyone’s favourite Weekend Update turned Late Night host, Stefon’s husband Seth Meyers.  In the promotional run up to the show he sat down to do a Reddit AMA you might want to check out.

One of my favourite insights is the following exchange…

thechasesmith – Do SNL stars and writers bring a notebook of ideas back from their summer break? How crazy is that first pitch meeting? I’m sure everyone is bringing their A game.

Seth_Meyers – Surprisingly, the stuff you work out in the summer always feels flat and old by the time you bring it to the first pitch.  Some of the best stuff I ever wrote were ideas I came up with in the seconds before I had to say something out loud.

Can you imagine that?  His best stuff just flew out of his mouth.  Excuse me while I curl into a ball of envy.  The whole of the AMA includes bits about SNL and Late Night, advice to writers, as well as questions about his family, and love of soccer.  As these things go it’s a pretty interesting read.