Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction Is Bad

Transformers: Age of Extinction

There’s going to be a vocal contingent that argues that _Age of Extinction_ is the best Transformers movie. It isn’t. It’s not the worst (here’s looking at you _Revenge of The Fallen_) but it’s really not the best either. That whole discussion is kind of ridiculous though because when you stop and think you’ll realize that you’re arguing which f these terrible movies is the least terrible. If you think that’s _Age of Extinction more power to you because the movie does fix a few of the problems that the previous three had but it also introduces a bunch more problems to deal with.

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Awesome: Stanley Tucci joins Transformers 4

Stanley Tucci

Good news everyone!

[Angie Han writing for Slashfilm](

> The 3D IMAX camera wasn’t the only new addition to Transformers 4 announced at CinemaCon yesterday. Michael Bay also revealed that Stanley Tucci had boarded the cast, joining Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, and Jack Reynor.

> Character details have been kept under wraps, but an earlier report suggested that the film could center around a young woman, her dad, and her racecar driver boyfriend. Peltz, Wahlberg, and Reynor seem to fit those descriptions, but it’s harder to say how Tucci fits in.

I’m holding out basically zero hope that Transformers 4 will be any good, but adding Tucci to any movie is a welcome bit of news. Him and Wahlberg both know how to be fun to watch, so maybe this one will turn out better than the last three.

Not that that’ll be hard….

2 Guns Trailer Has Properly Incentivized Me

2 Guns

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg starring as an undercover DEA Agent and an underecover special forces soldier who don’t dont know the other is undercover and then get blown and then have to work together to figure out who set them up while bullet fly and things explode in the background of their petty bickering and brotherly fighting?

Where do I sign?

What do you guys think??

Awesome: Entourage Movie Greenlit


[Mike Fleming Jr. at Deadline](

> Aquaman star Vinnie Chase is back, baby. Warner Bros has tonight given the green light on a movie version of Entourage, the HBO series that ran from 2004-2011. That gives a reprise for the inside Hollywood exploits of the up and coming film star, his manager and agent, his under-appreciated TV actor brother and the childhood pal/driver who form his inner circle.

> The film will be directed by series creator Doug Ellin, who wrote the screenplay and who exec produced the series with Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson.

As a long time fan of the show this is great news to me. I know the show got a little less consistent towards the end but I still loved it start to finish, and the end of the show –with Vince running off to get married and Ari being offered a position as studio head– was a pretty clear opening for the story to continue.

Deals haven’t been made with anyone yet but it’d be hard to imagine this going ahead without any of the primary stars. I just find myself wondering which of the awesome recurring cast they might wrangle into it as well.

Either way, I’ll be there opening day.