Review: ‘Palmer’ is pretty good!


Here’s a confession: I love Justin Timberlake. The guy is a triple threat. He can sing, he can dance, and he can act. Not everything he has been in has been gold, but he’s put in enough good performances that I am ready and willing to see just about anything he is in these days.

It has been a few years since Timberlake has been seen in person in a film, and Palmer represents exactly the kind of movie that an actor looking to re-assert themselves after a bad role or an absence (or both) would take. So is it any good? Yeah. Mostly.

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‘Ted Lasso’ has one of the best first seasons of TV in years

Ted Lasso

Dozens, if not hundreds, of new shows debut every year now. That might be hyperbole, but it certainly feels true. Every network has original programming now, and so does every streaming service. Everyone needs to offer unique content, and they’re all spending millions of dollars to make their films and series stand out.

It’s amazing then that all they had to do was be nice.

Ted Lasso, the new series from AppleTV+, concludes its first season today. The series has become one of my favourite things of the year and it did so not by being dark, or edgy, or cynical, but by being positive, uplifting, and relentlessly good-hearted.

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Horns International Trailer + Posters: Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe / Horns

Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy that Daniel Radcliffe is out there trying new things? Because I really enjoy how Daniel Radcliffe is out there trying new things. Here’s another trailer for Horns in which his character Ignatius, previously suspected of killing his girlfriend, wakes up after a night of hard-drinking with a pair of horns which make people confess their sins, give in their basest impulses, and then forget he was even there.

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Review: Maleficent


So I have to warn you now that this review will contain spoilers after the jump because there’s pretty much no way I can tell you anything about this movie without spoiling it. Short version: Angelina Jolie is good, the subtext is shocking (for a Disney movie), but the movie isn’t very good. If you want to know why keep reading, if you want to go see it without knowing anything then stop reading now.

Ok? Ok.

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