Review: ‘The Last Letter from Your Lover’ is a lovely, if predictable, romance story

Last Letter From Your Lover.

Picture this: in the present, a young journalist discovers a series of love letters. They were written between a married woman and her paramour in the 1960s, and they tell of a passionate but star crossed affair. Naturally, the journalist searches for more of the letters and, eventually, finds love of her own.

This is the plot of The Last Letter From Your Lover. It isn’t entirely original, but it is a pretty good version of this kind of story.

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Review: ‘The Midnight Sky’ shoots for the stars, but ultimately misses

The Midnight Sky

George Clooney is a talented actor and director, and often produces excellent work when he does both of those things. The Midnight Sky, his latest starring and directorial effort, features an incredible ensemble of character actors, stunning effects and production design, and a story clearly influenced by many seminal science fiction stories, but even in the hands of such talent fails to become something special.

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Rogue One – The New Normal

Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is released on Blu-Ray today, so we’ve taken the opportunity for a little love letter.

1977 was an important year for me. Firstly, it was the year I was born, so maybe important is a bit of an understatement. It’s the year Elvis died – we shared a month on the planet before his heart skipped away. And on May 25th, Star Wars was released in America.

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Review: The Theory of Everything

Felicity Jones + Eddie Redmayne / The Theory of Everything

_The Theory of Everything_ has all the right ingredients to be a major award contender. It’s a period set drama that has happened within our lifetimes, it has some great talent in the main roles, and it’s about a world-famous scientist who everyone loves. Sometimes a film comes together to be more than the sum of its ingredients. Other times, like this time, it doesn’t.

_The Theory of Everything_ isn’t bad though, it’s just that it suffers from all the problems that biopics tend to suffer from and the two great central performances aren’t quite enough to elevate the film above that.

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First Trailer – The Theory of Everything

Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones star as Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane and how they met in University.  Until this moment I hadn’t heard about this movie, or known much about Hawking’s life before the Hawking we all think of today.  It’s being released in the US on November 7th.  I’m putting it at a dark horse Oscar contender for best actor.

Also starring David Thewlis (Harry Potter), Emily Watson (Punch-Drunk Love), Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) & Harry Lloyd (Game of Thrones).