Review: Ender’s Game

Ender's Game

Have you ever seen that one movie? You know the one, it’s based on a young adult novel and it’s starring a hot young actor alongside a few veteran adults? The one where the trailer looked pretty cool but then when you saw it you realized that they had cut _so much_ of the actually important parts of the story that the movie ended up not being very good?

Yeah I saw that movie tonight. It’s called _Ender’s Game_.

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Ender’s Games Teaser Teaser


I hate when they do this, but here’s the teaser for the teaser got Enders Game.

There’s not much to see here, but the few glimpses there are look promising. Full teaser is released on the 7th so ill have more to say then.

Awesome New Ender’s Game Poster Heads for the Battle Room

[Yahoo Movies has a new Ender’s Game poster and it’s freaking awesome](–1573263477.html).

Ender's Game

If you’ve read the books (or the title of this post) you know where this is. Ender is at the door to the battle room, the zero garv training room that Battle School uses to train recruits. I seriously can’t wait to see this in real life.

Fansite [Ender’s Ansible]( has a breakdown on some of the details of the poster but be warned that it’s a bit spoilery if you haven;t read the books.

Ender’s game is set to release 1st November.

Now, which way is the enemy’s gate??