Review: 47 Ronin


Japan is a beautiful country. I know that even though I’ve never actually set foot on its soil. Thousands of years of myth and steadfast tradition has long enthralled the more relaxed Western cultures, and cinema has always revelled in the deep cultures of its picturesque history. Modern filmic takes like the animated *Spirited Away* go into great detail to bring their Japanese worlds to life, and often this can result in deep, complicated and slow-burning plots that weave through character and mystery.

Unfortunately, *47 Ronin* is what happens when someone called Carl watches a Japanese samurai classic and thinks “you know, this could be more *accessible*.”

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47 Ronin Trailer (And Posters) Looks Like 300 In Feudal Japan’s CGI Period

47 Ronin

Did you know that Keanu Reeves was working on an adaptation of the famous legend of the 47 Ronin? This is the part where I’d tell you the legend but doing so would spoil the end so I won’t. [Google it why don’t you](

Anyway, the movie has a trailer and some character posters and to be perfectly honest? I’m not sure what to make of it. Let’s watch!

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