Podcast: Make/Remake Zero Hour! & Airplane!

Zero Hour! & Airplane!

Greetings, programs, and welcome to a very special episode of the Awesome Friday Podcast. Airplane! is one of the greatest comedy films of all time, but did you know it’s a remake? This week we are talking all about Airplane! and the 1957 Canadian Melodrama it’s based on Zero Hour!.

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Join us!

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Awesome Friday Make/Remake Podcast: Three Versions of ‘The Thing’

Awesome Friday Podcast The Thing, The Thing, The Thing

Greetings programs, and welcome to a special episode of the podcast.  This week we’re doing something a little different and taking a look at three versions of the same film.  1951’s The Thing From Another World, 1982’s John Carpenter directed horror classic The Thing, and the 2011 remake/prequel thereof, also titled The Thing. 

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