Home Video: The 2022 Oscars Acting Nominees and Where to Buy, Rent, or Stream them

We’re closing in on the 2022 Academy Awards Ceremony. On March 27th, we’ll see who the Academy thinks is the best of the best of the year, and that gives you just under three weeks to catch up! So in that spirit, here are all of the films with acting nominations for this year and where you can buy, rent, or stream them.

Note: Not all of the films on this list are available to stream at the time of writing, but our JustWatch widget updates as these films’ availabilities update, so when they are available, the links will show up here.

Being the Ricardos

Nominations for:
  • Best Actor – Javier Bardem
  • Best Actress – Nicole Kidman
  • Best Supporting Actor – JK Simmons

Whether the film is successful is debatable, and whether the casting is good is debatable, but the performances themselves are good!


Nominations for:
  • Best Supporting Actress – Judi Dench
  • Best Supporting Actor – Ciaran Hinds

It’s not a surprise that these two titans of stage and screen would each garner nominations; they are both reliably excellent in this crowd-pleasing film.


Nomination for:
  • Best Supporting Actor – Troy Kotsur

Troy Kotsur is the only the second deaf actor to be nominated for an acting Oscar, the first being his costar in Coda Marlee Matlin, who won in 1986 for Children of a Lesser God. It’s a well-deserved nomination, too, as he is one of the emotional cores of the movie and pours his all into the performance.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Nomination for:
  • Best Actress – Jessica Chastain

Look, I’m not gonna lie; I haven’t seen this one yet. We all have catching up to do!

Streaming Links:

King Richard

Nominations For:
  • Best Actor – Will Smith
  • Best Supporting Actress – Aunjanue Ellis

I still think it’s a little weird to make a movie about the Williams sister’s father and not the Williams sisters themselves, but there is no denying that Will Smith and Aunjanue Ellis are great as their determined and loving –at times adversarial– parents.


The Lost Daughter

Nomiantions For:
  • Best Actress – Olivia Colman
  • Best Supporting Actress – Jesse Buckely

Olivia Colman is one of our current most reliable actresses and has recently won an Oscar, but Jessie Buckley is one of the brightest up and comers in the business, and this could be her time to shine! She and Colman perfectly embody the character of Leda in both similar and different ways, and the subtleties of the shared role are expressed beautifully. Also, they have made history by being nominated for playing the same character, which is fun.

Parallel Mothers

Parallel Mothers

Nomination For:
  • Best Actress – Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz has become another of our most reliable actresses, and she proves that again here. Her work with Almodóvar is always top rate, and I look forward to their continued collaboration.

Streaming Links:


The Power of the Dog

Nominations For:
  • Best Actor – Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Best Supporting Actress – Kirsten Dunst
  • Best Supporting Actor – Kodi Smit-McPhee
  • Best Supporting Actor – Jesse Plemons

Many of this year’s awards feel like they are The Power of the Dog‘s to lose, not the least of which are the statues for Best Actor and Supporting Actor. Benedict Cumberbatch gives the performance of his career, but the Supporting Actor category is maybe more interesting because how do you choose between Jessee Plemons and Kodi Smit-McPhee for this film? Each of their performances is layered and nuanced, and there’s a lot to unpack in how they each approach Cumberbatch’s character as well. Kirsten Dunst has also never been better, with the layers of the trauma she can convey, along with a sense of longing. If you haven’t seen it, The Power of the Dog is a hell of a movie, folks.

Also, Plemons and Dunst make a small piece of history as husband and wife nominated in the equivalent categories for the same film. Neat!

Kristen Stewart in Spencer


Nominations for
  • Best Actress – Kristen Stewart

The thing with Pablo Larraín’s films is that you will either be on their wavelength or not. The other thing is that he can get excellent performances from his leads. Kristen Stewart is able to effectively become Diana in Spencer, portraying all the mannerisms and mode of speech and ticks and existential sense of longing and ennui, and all without taking it so far as to be a caricature. This award, in many ways, feels like hers to lose.

Streaming Links:

Andrew Garfield Tick Tick Boom
TICK, TICK…BOOM! Andrew Ga field as Jonathan Larson, in TICK, TICK…BOOM! Photo Cre it: Macall Polay/NETFLIX ©2021

Tick, Tick… Boom! 

Nomination For:
  • Best Actor – Andrew Garfield

Everyone is talking about Spider-Man, but Andrew Garfield took a year to learn to sing and play the piano and then threw his entire being into playing Jonathan Larson in this movie. One of th best movies of the year with one of the best performances; I actually hope he takes this one home. Also, play g a beloved artist who is now deceased reflects on their process and the act of creating itself. I mean, it ticks a lot of boxes.

Streaming Links:

Tragedy of Macbeth

The Tragedy of Macbeth

Nomination For:
  • Best Actor – Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington has a particular way of speaking, a cadence, and an accent that we instantly recognize. It turns out that that way of speaking is perfect for Shakespeare, and this version of Macbeth feels like one that Washington was perhaps born to play. In some ways, this nomination feels like the one you give to the elder statesman to pad out his total nominations, but it would be a deserving win if he does.

Streaming Links:

West Side Story

West Side Story

Nomination for:
  • Best Supporting Actress – Ariana DeBose

It will be a hell of a thing if Ariana DeBose takes home the statue for Best Supporting Actress for West Side Story, as it’s the same statue that Rita Moreno took home for the same part in the same movie 60 years ago. Also, she is freaking good in the film. The screen absolutely lights up every time she is on camera, and her version of America is one of the all-time great movie musical numbers.


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