WFF ’21 Quick Review: ‘Moon Manor’ is a lovely story about a man going out on his own terms

Moon Manor feels like a film that is destined to be divisive. It follows an older man who has learned he has Alzheimer’s, and rather than waiting for it to erase him slowly, he throws a big party –a FUN-eral– to make sure he connects with the important people in his life before committing suicide.

It sounds like it could be a dour affair, but it is quite upbeat and well-intentioned for a movie that asks us to consider assisted suicide as a viable option. It tackles these ideas with humour and positivity and a zeal for life, thanks largely to its drawing on the real-life of its star Jimmy Carrozo.

Carrozo, a lifelong entertainer and out-and-proud gay man with a thousand and one anecdotes, makes for a fascinating subject, and while the Jimmy of the film is not the Jimmy of real life, the film still treats him the reverence that he deserves but perhaps never received. The resulting film has ups and downs, but Jimmy is so fascinating and the supporting cast around him so good that you will not regret giving it your time.

Rating: 3/5

Moon Manor is playing as part of the 2021 Whistler Film Festival. It plays again in-person tonight, December 5th, and online from December 16th to 31st

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