Review: ‘Once Upon A Snowman’ is a clever and cute new short from Disney+

Olaf rides again, for the first time, in this new Disney+ Short.

Love him or hate him, Olaf is one of the most popular characters from the modern Disney canon. An instant hit when he debuted in Frozen, his adorable naiveté and Josh Gad’s perfect line delivery resonated with millions.

Olaf is back in a new 7 minute short on Disney+ which explore the characters origin. Rather than being a standalone adventure, it picks up right as Elsa creates him during her big Let It Go solo in Frozen and follows the newly formed snowman as he desperately tries to figure out who he is. The story weaves in and out of scenes from Frozen and tying together events you thought were unrelated and existing in the fringes of the first and second act of that film.

It’s a clever conceit, and sure it has been done before, but the animation is so good, and Josh Gad is so on point with his performance that it doesn’t matter. Once Upon a Snowman is an adorable little film with an adorable premise and a fun lead performance, and entirely worth taking the few minutes it takes to watch it.