Watch Jurassic World Short Film ‘Battle at Big Rock’ Now!

Remember we let you know that there would be a new short film based on Jurassic World coming from Colin Trevorrow this past weekend? Well it’s here and you can watch it now!

For those of you who did not see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, I’m going to spoil the ending. Reviews of that film were mixed but I thought it was fine and definitely worth evaluating for yourself. It had some good things going for it –not the least of which was they tried do something at least a little bit new (and they remembered that dinosaurs look coolest at night).

So if you think you might watch it, go do that, because here comes the ending, with basically no other context: the human good guys release all the dinosaurs into the wild. Yup, you read that right, a whole herd of dinosaurs of varying sizes and type, herbivores and carnivores alike, are now just out there in the Jurassic World world. Battle at Big Rock shows us 8 minutes of what that can be like. Let’s watch!

I am not a fan of Jurassic World as a film, I felt that while there were a lot of cool sequences in it the overall writing and direction were a bit of a mess. That is, I think that Colin Trevorrow created a whole bunch of good-to-great scenes and sequences for the film but when they’re strung together it doesn’t really work.

So let’s be clear about this: I love Battle at Big Rock. I love the idea of dinosaurs just showing up and disrupting the lives of every people. I love that these are two dinosaurs we haven’t seen before. I love that most of the film is just two dinosaurs fighting while people watch. I love Andre Holland because I always love Andre Holland (here’s hoping he shows up in some capacity in Jurassic World 3). Oh, and I love the the ending. Trevorrow is really good at crafting intense and engaging sequences, so maybe short film is a great place for him to work? Maybe it’s a great place for everyone to work. We could use more big budget short film in the world.

Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael wrote this together and they’re writing Jurassic World 3 together as well. I have zero expectations for the film at this point but the promise of random dinosaurs is one with a lot of potential and I really hope they capitalize on it.

Either way I love dinosaurs in movies so you can I’ll be there on 10th June 2021 when Jurassic World 3 arrives.