Sony to ship clean, kid friendly movies to home video for your kids to totally ignore.

Do you have kids? Have you ever wanted to put on a movie you love but it’s not really for them? Well has Sony got news for you! They’re starting a “Clean Version” initiative which will make them appropriate for kids and (presumably) infuriating to watch.

[According to Yahoo]( the service is going to launch with the list of movies below and, you know, I get it. I really do. Kids keep you from watching the movies you want to watch sometimes. The movies on this list are all movies that are going to be made worse by having things cut out (imagine **Talladega Nights** or **Step Brothers** without the swearing, I dare you) or really shouldn’t need things cut out (Spider-Man movies, I’m looking at you). Luckily they are coming as extra features on the home video release rather than a choice you have to make at the store.

So I get it, but I just don’t see what the old system of parenting your kids, waiting until they are old enough to watch this stuff, and then nodding approvingly when they watch it way too early behind your back.

Here’s the first batch of movies to be offered:

* 50 First Dates
* Battle Of The Year
* Big Daddy
* Captain Phillips
* Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
* Easy A
* Elysium
* Ghostbusters
* Ghostbusters II
* Goosebumps
* Grown Ups
* Grown Ups 2
* Hancock
* Inferno
* Moneyball
* Pixels
* Spider-Man
* Spider-Man 2
* Spider-Man 3
* The Amazing Spider-Man
* The Amazing Spider-Man 2
* Step Brothers
* Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
* White House Down