‘Seven Sisters’ trailer + posters: Noomi Rapace plays a whole family

It’s the near future and because overpopulation has started to triple the planet the government has outlawed having siblings. And by “outlawed” I mean to say “they’ll maybe kill your extra kids”. This poses a problem for Willem Dafoe when his septuplet granddaughters are born. Let’s take a look.

Damn, Glenn Close really hates kids in this. I wonder what her ultimate motivation will be? Not able to have her own? Or maybe her own died? Maybe trampled by a crowd?

In any even the type of movie that has one actor playing multiple parts are always sort of fun to watch because they either _really_ pull it off or _really_ don’t. Noomi Rapace is a good actor so I’m looking forward to seeing how she creates seven different characters.

Director Tommy Wirkola’s most well-known work is probably **Dead Snow**, which is a pretty solid nazi zombie horror franchise but he also directed **Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters**, a dumb, low-budget action movie that I really liked.

One last thing: apparently this was originally called _What Happened to Monday?_ which is a _much_ better title. You know, just once I’d like a movie like this to come out with its original, not so safe title.

There’s no release date for **Seven Sisters**. It’s coming out this summer in some places (hence the French trailer & posters) but Netflix has the rights for North America and they haven’t set a date yet.