‘Seven Sisters’ trailer + posters: Noomi Rapace plays a whole family

It’s the near future and because overpopulation has started to triple the planet the government has outlawed having siblings. And by “outlawed” I mean to say “they’ll maybe kill your extra kids”. This poses a problem for Willem Dafoe when his septuplet granddaughters are born. Let’s take a look.

Damn, Glenn Close really hates kids in this. I wonder what her ultimate motivation will be? Not able to have her own? Or maybe her own died? Maybe trampled by a crowd?

In any even the type of movie that has one actor playing multiple parts are always sort of fun to watch because they either really pull it off or really don’t. Noomi Rapace is a good actor so I’m looking forward to seeing how she creates seven different characters.

Director Tommy Wirkola’s most well-known work is probably Dead Snow, which is a pretty solid nazi zombie horror franchise but he also directed Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, a dumb, low-budget action movie that I really liked.

One last thing: apparently this was originally called What Happened to Monday? which is a much better title. You know, just once I’d like a movie like this to come out with its original, not so safe title.

There’s no release date for Seven Sisters. It’s coming out this summer in some places (hence the French trailer & posters) but Netflix has the rights for North America and they haven’t set a date yet.