‘Star Trek: Discovery’ to premiere September 24th

Good news everyone! We finally know when Star Trek will be back on TV!

The official **Star Trek: Discovery** twitter sent this out today:

So there you have it, September 24th is when we can start exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life and new civilizations. Additionally [Deadline is reporting](http://deadline.com/2017/06/star-trek-discovery-september-premiere-date-cbs-all-access-rollout-to-follow-1202115723/) that the first season will be split in two. The first 8 will air from September until November, and the remaining 7 will air sometime in the new year. Pretty standard stuff these days. Not only does it allow for shows to qualify in multiple years for awards, but it takes a huge burden off post production teams.

Real talk though, I really need this to be good. **Star Trek** has always been the anchor of my personal pop culture world and despite having a bunch of great films I firmly believe that it belongs on TV. So far [the marketing for **Discovery**](https://awesomefriday.ca/2017/05/the-first-trailer-for-star-trek-discovery-is-here/) really hasn’t grabbed me though and it kinda looks like they are going to seek out and explore themes that Star Trek has already done a bunch of times. I very much hope that this show will be what Star Trek is at it’s best: an allegory for our times. I don’t get that feeling so far and the production design looks kinda… fan-film-y to me, too.

Only time will tell if **Star Trek: Discovery** will be good, and that amount of time is 97 days. Who’s counting though.