‘The Incredibles 2’ is Officially Official, Toy Story 4, Cars 3, And Other Pixar Release Dates Confirmed

The Incredibles

For better or for worse, Incredibles 2 is happening for real. It’ll be released in 2019, a full 15 years after the original. I do not know how I feel about this. Although, it will be nice to have a good _Fantastic 4_ film again.

Pixar also unveiled their entire slate for the next few years. For those of you counting the order goes New, Sequel, Sequel, New Sequel, Sequel. Kind of disappointing in a way since generally speaking their fresh, new ideas are better than the ones they keep returning to the well for. _Toy Story 3_ was amazing, but I can’t say the same for Monster University or Cars 2. Or even Toy Story 2.

Still, we won’t know until we can watch them. Here’s the full slate they [announced on Twitter this morning](https://twitter.com/DisneyPixar/status/652157762525261824):

Pixar Slate