Here Are Some Screenshots From The ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Yesterday saw the release of the [last trailer for _Star Wars: The Force Awakens_]( Here are some shots from that trailer because HOLY SHIT THE TRAILER IS BEAUTIFUL.

There are a bunch of images here from the trailer, with some thoughts. Some of these thoughts could potentially be spoilers, but I’m not going on anything other than all the marketing I’ve seen. It’s all just conjecture on my part. Basically, you’ve been warned that I might have figured some stuff out potentially maybe.

Click each one for a larger view.





All four of these images of Daisey Ridley’s Rey highlight her as the ‘Luke’ of the story. Does she use the force? No idea, but she’s a loner on a strange desert planet. The image of her descending on a rope into the hangar bay of a crashed Star Destroyer is pretty gorgeous.




John Boyega’s Finn was “born to do one thing”, implying he was either bred or adopted into the First Order. This makes them sound quite a bit more fanatical than the Empire was, which I quite like.

He crash lands onto the same desert planet that Rey lives on (one assumes), and boy does it look deserted. Makes Tatooine look like a metropolis.






Kylo Ren. Played by Adam Driver. Seems to revere Darth Vader. Which makes sense since JJ Abrams basically said he’s a member of the Knights of Ren (Ren being a title, not a name), a group that idolizes Vader and that he’s basically a fanboy. How did he come into possession of the helmet? No idea, but I can’t wait ti find out. Also, how does he capture Oscar Isaac’s Poe? Again, no idea, but I can’t wait to find out!



“It’s all real.” So the question here is in the 30 odd years that happen between the end of Return of the Jedi and the start of this movie, does everyone forget about the Jedi and the Empire? Has knowledge been lost to history or has the information been suppressed? This is all very curious to me.

Maybe Rey is from a planet that’s really that far out, and maybe Finn only knows what the First Order has told him, but it still seems like a bit of a stretch, no?





This sequence is just gorgeous. That is all.


Captain Phasma. I wonder how much she’s in the movie. Whether it’s a little or a lot, her armour is totally badass. I wonder if it’s unique or if all captains in the First Order army wear it.


I’m still totally on board with the light-greatsword and the crossguard. It looks totally badass.


“Oh look they caught us and then something totally awesome happened to free us.” Just a guess, but I bet that’s a pretty accurate description of what’s happening in the shot.



BB-8 works like an astromech droid in the new X-Wings. Awesome. Holy shit look at all the Tie Fighters in the background. That’s totally a shot from the final battle in the movie.


Oscar Isaac looks friggin’ fantastic in the rebel pilot flight suit. It’s weird to me he’s not a superstar, but after this (and X-Men) he’s about to be.


Look, I’m not gonna guarantee this shot is from the final battle, but if you remember the poster that came out this weekend and you pay attention to this shot you’ll see some important details that make me think it’s from the final battle of the movie.


X-Wing vs. Stormtrooper. Love it. I didn’t get a lot of good shots from this battle, of the rebels attacking a First Order group position, but it looks interesting. Probably the 2nd act battle? Maybe even first act establishing Poe as a total badass?




John Boyega looks amazing with a light sabre, and a little unsure (maybe he’s never turned it on before?) while Adam Driver looks like he might be halfway to crazy town. That’s not exactly out of the ordinary for him, but still. Kylo certainly looks confident, like he might be toying with Finn. Love it.


And there’s the title image. Still love it.

There are a lot of images I didn’t post here, including the Millennium Falcon (still missing the communications dish knocked off during _Return of the Jedi_) and some great explosions and such, but these are the ones that turned out best. The marketing has been perfect for this movie so far, showing all kinds of stuff but confirming none of it. This isn’t the usual JJ Abrams mystery box BS, it’s just good marketing.

We already have tickets to see the movie on day two, so expect some lengthy posts about it soon thereafter.