#BBCAN 3.04 – Blabbermouths, Beavers & Spin the Bottle

bbcan3It’s week 2 of Big Brother and that can only mean one thing… the gender lines have been drawn in the astroturf and a battle of the sexes is about to begin. For as long as I can remember watching versions of this show the same thing happens, BBCAN Season 3 doesn’t look like it’s going to buck the trend. But this time the “girl alliance” seems about to fail and it’s all because they forgot the first rule of girl gossip… always check to make sure the bathroom stalls are empty. Rookie move, ladies.

We start off this week just after the nominations for eviction (Classy Kevin & BritBrit) are revealed.  To his credit Kevin says in his confessional that perhaps he has been delusional about how well he’s playing the game if he’s already nominated to go home. He decides that he’s going to have to come up with a plan to turn things around.

Luckily for him a plan falls on top of him. Sindy With An S, Willow, Boo Boo Kitty & Stoner Sara were hanging out in the HOH room and started talking about making sure they were going to look out for the girls. Wanting very much to have the females stick together for the first few weeks would mean that they would control the votes going forward. Just when they’re done wrapping out their scheme to evict Kevin the toilet flushes… and out walks Kevin. Who had been there the whole time, and doesn’t bother pretending that he didn’t hear them.

And with that the all girls alliance gets flushed down the drain.

Classy Kevin hides how excited he is to be in the situation and instead runs to find the biggest blabbermouth in the house to get a good old fashioned game of telephone going as quickly as possible. The blabbermouth in question? Graig Greg. (Which Johnny Veto would later allude to not being around longer than a week or two… so I guess I’m not the only one he’s rubbing the wrong way). Graig Greg immediately gets fired up about how the guys need to band together and stop the girls. He was getting so heated about the issue right to BritBrit’s face that at one point I thought he might bring up ethics in (Big Brother) journalism. The overheard conversation takes on a life of its own and Fun Bobby decides that he’s going to have to nominate one of the girls who were “running their mouth” so they don’t think they “got him by the nuts”.

As you might imagine I’m really hoping the girls try to stick together a few more weeks and get some of these Dudes out of the house.

Two comps were squeezed into the show much the way the HGs were squeezed into fun fur beaver costume rompers for the Power Of Veto “Dam It”. Basically the competition was an over/under relay with the having to retrieve logs with letters on them to form a phrase (Off The Chomping Block… very punny, BB). The water was freezing cold and Fun Bobby’s muscles locked up. Whichc didn’t really matter much because Classy Kevin slaughtered the competition. He had time to assemble the phrase missing the pun, take it apart and reassemble it before anyone else was even close. It’s really too bad Kevin won the Power of Veto, because he’s a mental and physical threat that the house needs to watch out for. If they keep letting him slide I think it’ll come down to Kevin vs Quarterback Zach for the Alpha Male spot.

Speaking of the QB… the second competition was for a luxury prize. Johnny Veto was put in the diary room and the HGs had to line up “most to least” in three categories and without sound JV had to figure out what the category was based on the line. As competitions go it seemed to be fairly easy to win. The more interesting part was the it was also Production’s way of getting the HGs to think about who poses bigger threats. OVerall it was very revealing and probably put a huge target on Wizard Chess Jordan’s back.

The pool party got started and quickly moved to the hot tub where a game of spin the bottle was suggested. Though I think technically it was spin the floating boat. I was delighted to see that none of the straight guys hesitated for a moment to kiss Johnny Veto who is gay, it really speaks to how open and accepting Canadians are. Plus Johnny Veto was pretty stoked that he got to pucker up to both Quarterback Zach and his crush Classy Kevin.

The real sparks, however, were between Zach and Daisy Duke Ashleigh. They kissed multiple times (which she seemed to like a lot more than Fun Bobby guppy fishing all over her mouth). Later Big Brother showed the two of them talking on the mezzanine. Ashleigh in her confessional said how she gets nervous when he’s around, and in Zach’s he said that he could see himself being with that kind of girl. Looks like the first Showmance seeds are being sown, and both of them are looking to keep it slow and steady.

In the end we are reminded that it’s not all fun and games when Kevin takes himself off the block and Fun Bobby nominates Sindy With An S. If the all girls alliance has to vote out one of their own I think it’s safe to say that Sindy With An S has sealed her own fate on that one.

Sorry (not sorry) Sindy With An S!

See you Wednesday for the second live eviction of the season…