Watch Wanderers Now And Fall Back In Love With Our Solar System


*Interstellar* left me cold. [Matt liked it more](, but to me it completely failed in its mission to inspire wonder about the stars above us. Luckily, filmmaker Erik Wernquist has taken inspiration from actual photos of our solar system to make a short film called *Wonderers*, an exhilarating vision of humanity’s spacefaring future set to a narration by Carl Sagan.

If, like me, you can’t help but stare open-mouthed at a clear starry sky, this could be the most beautiful thing you watch this year.

Lights off, headphones on, eyes wide:


Just stunning. I thoroughly recommend reading the full article on [Sploid]( where Wernquist goes through each location and explains where it is and how his vision came into being. It’s a fascinating read and gives a great insight into how much work went into the project.

Then, do what my family and I did last night. Watch it five or so more times, then have sweet dreams amongst the stars.