Next Year’s Broken Assassin’s Creed Game Will Be Victory


Just in case you were wondering, Ubisoft will be following up the broken *Assassin’s Creed Unity* – a game so utterly unfinished that they decided to give whole games away to pacify those that had bought the Season Pass – and the newly-released broken arcade racer *The Crew* – [which has a day-one patch to enable players to, you know, join a Crew, but is still plagued by intermittent, progress-wiping connection failures]( – with a new broken *Assassin’s Creed*, this time¬†subtitled¬†*Victory*, set in Victorian London.

It’s quite the scoop by Kotaku, and one that Ubisoft is none too happy about. The new location could actually be exciting if we didn’t already know that it will likely carry the same crunching problems and tired gameplay requirements.

If you’re still interested in this drained franchise, head over to the [full article on Kotaku]( to discover all of *Victory*’s new secrets. Like a grappling hook. And train-top combat. Yay.