Buy Deep Under The Sky With Money Or Art


The makers of *Incredipede* and *Pineapple Smash Crew*, Colin Northway and Rich Edwards, have thrown a line to the many, many people who love games but maybe don’t have much disposable income.

Their new game, *Deep Under The Sky*, has [apparently]( not been selling too well, maybe because it comes without the usual iOS trappings of cartoony graphics or disposable gameplay, so they’ve launched a new initiative: Art To Play. From [their site](

We’ve felt the pain of unfair banking systems, poor online payment support, international distrust, age discrimination, and just flat being hard-up for cash. So Rich Edwards and I are going to make Deep Under the Sky “Art To Play” that is, we’ll trade you the game for some fan-art.

If you make a picture or a painting or a story about the game that took you at least half an hour to make and send it to us then we’ll email you back with the PC, Mac, and Android version of Deep Under the Sky!


It’s a wonderful idea from a pair of guys who obviously just want as many people to play their game as possible, and create some beautiful art in the process (such as the [top image]( by Clemens Scott). In an industry where every success is based on dollar metrics, it must be an increasingly difficult position to just want to inspire creativity in others. So, do them a favour – have a look at the video below, send them a picture or story, then buy the game anyway.

I mean, just *look* at it. Get creating.

You can buy *Deep Under The Sky* on [Steam](, [Android](, [iOS](, or [direct from the developers](