Quick Reviews: ‘The November Man’ and ‘Let’s Be Cops’

The November Man

Let's Be Cops

I saw two movies last week but don’t have much to say about either.

### The November Man

I was actually pretty excited to watch this movie. I like Pierce Brosnan and I like spy thrillers. It has a couple of established character actors in supporting roles, a pretty girl, and a young up and comer hoping for his big break. If it weren’t for these facts I don’t think I would have liked the movie at all. While the set up is good (though pretty standard for an ‘aging master spy gets back in the game’ story) and the acting is ok (Brosnan is good at acting mad, and cold), by the end of the second act almost every character has given away in dialogue pretty much exactly how their particular part of the story is going to play out. Remember that spy movies are meant to be full of twists and turns and surprises and while there are twists and turns in this there is nothing that is anywhere close to surprising, and some of the big reveals are played pretty much as clichéd as possible.

All in all _The November Man_ isn’t the worst film I’ve seen this year but it is pretty disappointing.

### Let’s Be Cops

This is a dumb movie. I doubt I would have seen it if it weren’t for the fact that Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. who I rather enjoy on the TV show _New Girl_. They have an amazing chemistry and comic timing together and that makes for some of the funniest moments in the show.

Much of that translates to the first half or so on _Let’s Be Cops_ when after attending a masquerade party thinking its a costume party the two main characters end up walking down the street dressed as cops. They end up being treated as though they are cops and they just decide to run with it.

The first act and parts of the second where they are just screwing around pretending to be cops does have some laugh out loud moments but by the time the third act rolls around and the movie needs to have a story the laughs die down and it heads towards a pretty clichéd ending.

At least James D’Arcy clearly had a great time being the completely over the top mobster bad guy though.