Unbroken Trailer: Angelina Jolie Directs Jack O’Connell Right To The Oscars

Jack O'Connell / Unbroken

Just so we’re clear: this is based on the true story of Louis Zamperini who started out as a scrappy kid who turned into an Olympic champion athlete, then joined the war effort and was lost at sea, and _then_ was a prisoner in a Japanese POW camp. For real. He also lived to be 97 and only died this past month. Oscars here we come, right?

There’s enough there for three amazing movies and they’re all crammed into one. No idea if that means it’ll be overstuffed but it looks like it’ll be good regardless. Angeline Jolie’s first film as a director was well received but didn’t go anywhere, this looks like it might have legs. Could be a breakout moment for Jack O’Connell too. He’s been transitioning from being “That messed up kid in Skins” to “actual star” for a while now, this could put him over the edge.

_Unbroken_ comes out 25 December.