Mad Max: Fury Road Comic Con Teaser Is The Winner Of Comic Con

Mad Max Fury Road

Holy shit this movie looks completely awesome.

_Fury Road_ is technically a prequel to _The Road Warrior_ and according to George Miller is basically one big movie length chase sequence. That, my friends, sounds amazing. You know why? Watch the trailer again, basically all those effects are practical. According to Miller there are soe green screened background shots but basically all the car stuff is real cars getting destroyed for real.

Other points worthy of note:

* I love the branding on Max’s back after he’s captured.
* I love Charlize Theron’s robotic arm.
* I love that the bad guys look legitimately terrifying.
* I love the steering wheel cult looking group shot.
* I love the massive shots of massive chase sequences.
* I love the lightning strike and fire tornado
* I love the bandits attached to poles.

In case it’s not clear? I _love_ this trailer. There are some good movies scheduled for 2015 but this one has shot straight to the top of the list. It looks exhilarating, gorgeous, terrifying, and awesome.

2015 can’t get here soon enough.