X-Men: Days of Future Past: We Gotta Get The Band Back Together!

X-Men: Days of Future Past

There’s finally a full trailer for _X-Men: Days of Future Past_ and, well, I have mixed feelings.

This trailer really hammers home that it’s _The Wolverine_ show again. I know people love Wolverine and I’m not really complaining but he’s not the biggest team player in the movies so that’s slightly weird. Slightly. I guess desperate times and all that.

I’m left with a bunch of questions though: First up, how the hell is Professor X walking? He was paralyzed at the end of the last movie. I mean, I know mutant movie magic, but seriously wtf? Is this a separate, similar but different timeline than the First Class timeline and the original timeline? I’m very confused. How did Magneto end up in prison? How many future mutants are going to die in the first act? Are they doing the “send your mind back into your younger body” version of time travel and that’s why Wolverine has bone claws, or does this follow on from The Wolverine? How is Beast not big and blue? Can he shift back and forth? Yes, I’m aware this is all stuff that will be, should be, answered in the movie.

There’s some positive stuff here too. I really like that Xavier would be completely pissed at Magneto (really goes with the selfish naiveté the character had in First Class), some of the action looks like it might be pretty awesome, Quicksilver doesn’t look entirely terrible (at least when he’s not suited up), and they really spared no expense with the cast (even if certain parties did have to be forced back into the roles).

_X-Men: Days of Future Past_ is out 23rd May. I’ll see you there.