Awesome: Get A Better Look At the Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Remember the awesome [teaser poster for Guardians of the Galaxy]( we saw a while back? The character assets from the poster are now available so we can get a better look at Star Lord and his rag-tag group of anti-hero frenemies.

So here is the poster again, just for context:

Guardians of the Galaxy

And here are each of the characters in that poster, thanks to [Comic Book Movie](

**Drax the Destroyer:**
Guardians of the Galaxy-Drax

I do kind of wish that he was green as in the comics, however since Gamora is green and this looks bad ass, I’m fine with it. I’m really looking forward to Bautista actually, he had a great presence in _Riddick_ and I really hope that continues here.

Guardians of the Galaxy-Gamora

I’ve read some commentary from the fans that they wish Gamoras costume was in line with the comics but you know what? No. [It’s ridiculous]( There. I said it. I do kind of wish they’d made her eyes white though.

Guardians of the Galaxy-Groot

Awesome. I get the feeling he could be bigger, but that’s a minor complaint. He’s a tree, he can always grow.

**Rocket Raccoon:**
Guardians of the Galaxy-Rocket

Pretty much perfect.

**Star Lord:**
Guardians of the Galaxy-Star-Lord

Kinda bad ass. And damn, Chris Pratt really transformed himself for the role. I like it.

Guardians of the Galaxy comes out this August. All eyes are on Captain America at the moment and likely will be for the next few weeks but rest assured that the marketing machine will start churning out Guardians stuff sooner than later. We’ll post those as they become available.