The Maze Runner Trailer + Poster: A Young Adult Hero’s Journey

The Maze Runner

Here comes another young adult franchise looking of a piece of that Harry Potter/Katniss Everdeen money. Let’s take a look.

So this doesn’t look wholly terrible. I’ve never heard of this book before (that’s not exactly big news, I don’t read a lot of YA fiction) but it looks like new guy is dumped in the maze, new guy is special and will be the one to lead them out of the Maze and, presuming this is a series of books, into some new calamity. The Maze is safe during the day, but deadly at night, so he’ll go in at night which is the only time they can escape, right? Like, the only way past the danger is through?

There are a few recognizable faces in here too. Not the main guy (Dylan O’Brien) so much, but _Thomas Brodie-Sangster_ has been around for ages and Kaya Scoledario has been slowly making a name for herself.

In addition to the trailer MTV has an exclusive poster which if nothing else gives you an idea how big the maze is.

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is out 19th September.