Marvel One Shot ‘All Hail The King’ Poster is Awesome

All Hail The King

There’s an awesome Marvel One Shot short film included on the Blu-Ray for _Thor: The Dark World_ and it features everyone’s favourite super villain. Now there’s a poster. Let’s take a look!

All Hail The King

First off, apologies for the quality. When I get ahold of a better one I’ll update.

Second, I love it. Marvel’s really doing a great job with the One Shots, and I love that they are treating them as equal parts of the universe and giving them some pretty great marketing (see the [Agent Carter poster]( If you have’t seen it yet -All Hail The King_ is definitely worth checking out and has some interesting ramifications for the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And also is hilarious.

(source: [movieweb](