Jupiter Ascending Trailer: The Wachowski’s Send Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis to Space

Jupiter Ascending

Say what you will about The Wachowskis but I love how they are willing to go all in on whatever they do. Here now is a trailer for their latest, Jupiter Ascending, which looks like they’ve done just that again. Let’s watch!

So let’s get this straight, Mila Kunis is a seemingly ordinary girl who turns out to be the key to a vast conspiracy or some sort of interstellar intrigue, she is rescued from being murdered by an elven Channing Tatum who takes orders from a perfectly normal looking Sean Bean.

So she’s basically The One again? That’s what it seems like anyway.

The effects here do look kind of gorgeous though. Whether or not the film is any good it will certainly be a visual feast. There’s something lacking here though. I don’t know what it is but despite my liking of The Wachowski’s work this trailer just doesn’t excite me.

What do you guys think?