Scarlett Johansson Will Not Be Considered for a Golden Globe for Her


Silly rules are keeping the Hollywood Foreign Press from even considering Scarlett Johansson for any awards for her performance in the upcoming film _Her_ by Spike Jonze.

[Entertainment Weekly](

> The Golden Globes will not be speaking up on behalf
> of Scarlett Johansson’s voice.
> The vocal performance by the actress in Spike Jonze’s new
> romantic drama Her has been ruled ineligible by the Hollywood
> Foreign Press Association for a supporting actress bid,
> according to sources close to the submission process. The
> final decision came today after an appeal from distributor
> Warner Bros.
> Just last week, the Rome Film Festival gave Johansson its Best
> Actress award for the film.
> In the Her, which opens in limited release Dec. 18, Joaquin
> Phoenix plays a meek man in the near future who falls in love
> with the artificial intelligence program who helps run his computer
> operating system — and thus his life. “She” is named “Samantha,”
> and is voiced by Johansson as a kind of advanced, self-aware, and
> soulful version of Siri.

I haven’t seen _Her_ yet but by all accounts so far Johanssons performance is pretty spectacular despite not technically appearing on screen. Her character –an artificial intelligence who proves so smart, funny, soulful, and caring that Joaquin Phoenix’s Theodore actually falls in love with her– and performance is pretty much the centerpiece of the film.

Hell, I’ve read one early review that said that even though she’s never on screen the interactions between her and Phoenix make the love story one of the most emotional and engaging in ages.

So what needs to happen then? Robin Williams won a special Golden Globe for his part in Aladdin, but film is changing. Maybe there needs to be a new category, or maybe the Hollywood Foreign Press needs to re-evalute what being on screen means.

Either way, it seems like it’s probably a damn shame. I’ll let you know what I think once I get a chance to screen the film.