Naya’s Quest: Don’t Believe Your Eyes


The creator of my favourite game of 2012, *Super Hexagon*, has finally released his new project that, up to today, had simply been referred to as “Isothingy” – puzzle adventure story *Naya’s Quest*. What’s great about this – apart from the fact that it’s free and playable in-browser – is that it tells a story that could *only* be told in this style of video game.

Told from a slanted isometric viewpoint, what seems to be a tale about finding “the edge” of a seemingly devastated world soon turns into a journey through puzzle-box rooms where what you see cannot be trusted. Every (successful) step forward is another twist of the key, each completed room revealing more snippets about what is actually going on. The graphics are typically minimalist, echoing developer Terry Cavanagh’sĀ earlier *VVVVVV* and *Don’t Look Back*, and the scan lines that flow behind every structure form an integral part of staying alive.


So, if you’re into spacial puzzles and want to get your mind well and truly twisted, then check it out immediately. Review should follow shortly, as soon as I can work out which way is up.

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