Marvel Taking a Second Shot at Giving Away All The Comics

Marvel 700 Comics Give-away

Remember last month when Marvel announced they were going to give away 700 digital comic books and it ended up crashing Comixology and no one ended up getting the comics?

Well they’re trying again, but you have to act fast. You have to go to the Marvel [promo site][1] ad sign up for an invite. They staggering will allow them to roll the comics out to a few people at a time and not overload the servers, which is good.

On the downside you have to register before midnight eastern time tomorrow (that’s 9pm here at Awesome Friday World Headquarters) in order to get in on it. The account is free, so I suggest you sign up even if you’re not a huge comic book fan because this is probably the perfect opportunity for you to never have to ask me a question about Marvel continuity ever again.

I mean, uh, yeah. A perfect time to get a bunch of free books to read.

[Sign up for the promo here][1]