Fan Expo Vancouver: Day Two

There’s something very special about day two of the Fan Expo. I noticed it last year too, but I put it down to only discovering that I was really into comics in the second part of Sunday. This year was very different – once I’d sorted out David Prowse’s autograph on my limited edition translucent-helmet electrified Darth Vader figurine (OH YES), I headed straight for the art and spent most of Saturday picking through my favourite pieces. Somehow, today was far more relaxed (even if, at times, it didn’t feel any less busy) and I had a great time chatting with all the cool people that surrounded me, as well as waiting two hours to again meet David Hayter, AKA Solid Snake (who jointly holds the title of Nicest Celebrity Ever with Micha Collins).

So, thanks to the organisers for making today go much more smoothly, and a huge thank you to all the cosplayers who posed instantly when I went in for my photo. See you next year!

Battle of the century

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The awesome guys at Sci Feye Candy
Tiny Link goes looking for adventure
Tiny Link (AKA my son) takes on massive Lego Hulk. And wins, of course.
Sci-fi worlds collide
Very, very cool Victorian Vampire. Blood red eyes and killer style.
A bigger Link!
Deadly Mortal Kombat tag team
Really great Joker and Harley
Apologies to my line companion. David Hayter’s aweseomness is too blurry to catch!
David Hayter in hot signing action
Me and the only man who will ever be Solid Snake.
My Boba Fett helmet on another Fett’s body. We made one complete Fett!
The girls assemble. I’d watch that movie.

And here’s my absolute favourite cosplay from the whole weekend. There were other amazing costumes on display, but this Tinkerbell…it’s all in the attitude!


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