86th Academy Awards Liveblog

Posted by Matthew on March 02, 2014
Live Blog

86th Oscars

It’s that time again folks for us to sit in judgement of choices that millionaires make as they give each other solid gold statues.

You can check Matt’s predictions here but in the mean time sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

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Matthew 2 March 201415:44

Hello? Is this thing on?

Simon 2 March 201415:44

Hello! Welcome to the Awesome Friday Oscars live blog. We’re excited for an evening of surprises and rich people giving their friends golden statues. Join in by leaving comments below or on Twitter @awesomefridayca

Matthew 2 March 201415:44

Ah good. Hello! Welcome to our annual Oscars Live Blog!

Simon 2 March 201415:45

Or @manbiteswonders (me) or @posterboy 81 (Matt)

Simon 2 March 201415:47

Let’s set the scene: wife has taken out son, kettle’s on, pizzas in freezer, Mat and I filling our faces with sugar and not actually talking. So normal then.

Matthew 2 March 201415:47

Yes. Comment. We love attent….. er…. comments and feedback!

Simon 2 March 201415:47

CTV: Masters of hyperbole

Simon 2 March 201415:49

Apparently the presenters’ favourite dresses is important

Simon 2 March 201415:50

Actual show starting in 10 minutes, by the way.

Matthew 2 March 201415:53

Say what you will about the Oscars themselves, I dislike the red carpet. Not that I expect hard hitting interviews in the 30 seconds per person, but still.

Simon 2 March 201415:57

Aaaand I’ve just learned that Laura Dern is Bruce Dern’s daughter. Huh.

Simon 2 March 201415:58

Jared Leto has the hair of a Mexican God.

Matthew 2 March 201415:58

In other news, 2+2=4.

Simon 2 March 201415:59

Jared Leto’s hair would be the troubled love interest in a 90’s anime

Matthew 2 March 201416:00

So. Is the show starting now?

Simon 2 March 201416:01

Gah. So the CTV red carpet show was leading up top to the Oscars red carpet show. Which, I really hope, might actually lead to the Oscars.

Simon 2 March 201416:03

30 more mins of red carpet hell…er…excitement. Go and make tea or something.

Matthew 2 March 201416:04

“Here’s two time nominee and presenter and great artist and all around good person Viola Davis. Who made your dress?” Ugh.

Simon 2 March 201416:07

The bowl of chips has suffered from the unexpected trial of extra red carpet. Next: pizza, two hours early.

Simon 2 March 201416:11


Matthew 2 March 201416:14

Awwwww Amy Adams just said hi to her kid. Cute.

Matthew 2 March 201416:15

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Sally Hawkin’s natural accent before. I’ve heard her other british accents, but not her real one.

Simon 2 March 201416:16

Olivia Wilde is perfect. Really, Goddess level. Seriously.

Matthew 2 March 201416:17

I love Jason Sudekis. Seems like such a down to earth guy. Dry wit is hard to come by these days, too.

Simon 2 March 201416:20

Ten minutes. We can do this.

Simon 2 March 201416:21

“What goes in to buying a dress?”

Money? Lots and lots of money?

Matthew 2 March 201416:22

They just introduced a special film about costume design. The “god please kill me now” fake smile on the presenters face was worth watching the pre show for.

Simon 2 March 201416:24

“I’ve got to ask, who are you wearing?”


Matthew 2 March 201416:24

“I’ve got to ask, because that’s what my producers are paying me to do rather than ask anything interesting, who are you wearing?”

Simon 2 March 201416:25

Every time this presenter says that, I’m going to picture Liza Minelli standing behind him with a gun to his head. “Ask. ASK.”

Simon 2 March 201416:26

Matthew McConaughey’s accent is just the best.

Simon 2 March 201416:26

The interviewer’s impression of it? Not so much.

Simon 2 March 201416:28

OK. OK. Show must be starting now.

Simon 2 March 201416:30

Now, a review of the best red carpet fashion. My dog has responded by sinking into a deeper level of unconsciousness.

Simon 2 March 201416:31

Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous. And funny. And likes eating. Basically, the perfect girlfriend.

Simon 2 March 201416:32

Those are the three requirements.

Simon 2 March 201416:32

“Must eat.”

Simon 2 March 201416:34

Cate Blanchett’s real accent always surprises me, every time. She’s a very good actress.

Matthew 2 March 201416:35


Simon 2 March 201416:35

I hope Jonah Hill’s prosthetic penis wins for Best Supporting Actor

Matthew 2 March 201416:36

You know what would be amazing? If Jonah Hill won the award tonight instead of Jared Leto.

Simon 2 March 201416:36


Simon 2 March 201416:39

Maybe it’s just four hours of red carpet, constantly teasing us that it might lead to something vaguely interesting, but never does.

Simon 2 March 201416:39

Like University.

Simon 2 March 201416:40


Simon 2 March 201416:40

I really hope he wins for Wolf Of Wall Street. He put absolutely everything into that movie.

Matthew 2 March 201416:41

Just reviewing, I’ve made 11 predictions this year and 3 “here’s what I’d like to see” thoughts.

Simon 2 March 201416:43

Chiwetel Ejiofor stars next to me in 2012 then he’s Oscar nominated. Coincidence? There’s no such thing.

Simon 2 March 201416:44

Just saying.

Matthew 2 March 201416:44

Last year I made 12 predictions and went 6 for 12. I wonder how I’ll do this year.

Matthew 2 March 201416:45

Wait, the red carpet show just cut to a reality show about kids visiting Disney Animtation. WTF is going on?

Matthew 2 March 201416:46


Matthew 2 March 201416:48

As if I didn’t dislike Samsung enough.

Simon 2 March 201416:49

While you’re waiting: http://www.avclub.com/article/someone-made-song-using-jeff-goldblums-weird-laugh-201676

Simon 2 March 201416:50

I suddenly have an urge to rewatch Team America: World Police

Simon 2 March 201416:50

“That’s the best goddamn acting I’ve ever seen”

Matthew 2 March 201416:51

What? No one canout act Alec Baldwin!

Simon 2 March 201416:51

Jamie Foxx’s daughter is stunningly beautiful but her dad is Jamie Foxx so I guess she’s off the market.

Simon 2 March 201416:52

Because it’s nice to have, you know, legs that aren’t broken.

Simon 2 March 201416:53

This guy’s autocue reading skills are beginner, maybe upper-beginner

Simon 2 March 201416:54

Jared Leto’s hair sings when he combs it.

Simon 2 March 201416:54

In slow motion.

Simon 2 March 201416:55

Ah yes, the famous movie star Jessica Roberts. Congrats, autocue man.

Matthew 2 March 201416:55

“Jessica Roberts” is Julia Roberts twin, right?

Simon 2 March 201416:55

“Amazingly blue dress”


Simon 2 March 201416:56

The level of blue in that blue dress is indeed amazing.

Matthew 2 March 201416:57

Is it sponsored by Samsung Galaxy Phones and Gear?

Matthew 2 March 201416:57

Yeah, I’m still upset about that.

Simon 2 March 201416:58

My laptop battery’s two thirds gone, just with red carpet rubbish.

Matthew 2 March 201416:59

It’s like when you read what you think is a really good article in a magazine and then at the end find out it’s advertorial rather than editorial. The dishonesty of it pisses me off.

Matthew 2 March 201417:00

Jonah Hill is on the stage with Bradley Cooper now. Is there anyone he isn’t best bros with?

Simon 2 March 201417:02

A countdown has just appeared on screen. It says 28:09. Please do not let that be a countdown to the show. Really, no more of this. Come on.

Simon 2 March 201417:04

There are a few upcoming actors who seem genuinely happy to be there. That’s always great to see. It’s a shame that they’re surrounded by The Business.

Matthew 2 March 201417:04

Oh boy, Julia Roberts. Can you go back to Barkhad Abdi, please?

Simon 2 March 201417:05

Julia Roberts is massive.

Matthew 2 March 201417:05

Bill Murray. Hopefully he says something pithy!

Simon 2 March 201417:06

Don’t ever die, Bill Murray.

Matthew 2 March 201417:07

Jimmy Kimmel is doing… something.

Simon 2 March 201417:07

Ah, the hilarious impromptu Jimmy Kimmel interruption that is planned and staged and unfunny.

Simon 2 March 201417:07

Please, stop.

Matthew 2 March 201417:07

Uh. Is he shaming the viewers?

Simon 2 March 201417:08

So Jimmy Kimmel is ripping the shit out of Fat America.

Matthew 2 March 201417:08

I think this is the kind of thing that was probably hilarious on paper, but it’s coming off reaaaaalllllyyyy douchey.

Simon 2 March 201417:08

And it’s a Twitter meta-joke, which are always fun.

Simon 2 March 201417:09

Well, that was awful.

Simon 2 March 201417:10

Sorry, Chris. Harold Ramis hit me hard.

Simon 2 March 201417:13


Matthew 2 March 201417:13

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are adorable.

Simon 2 March 201417:13

Tick follows tock follows tick

Simon 2 March 201417:13

Where’s your ridiculous son, Will?

Matthew 2 March 201417:15

Lady Gaga looks like a vampire.

Simon 2 March 201417:15


Matthew 2 March 201417:15

Or there is a Vampire at the show who looks like Lady Gaga

Matthew 2 March 201417:15

Jeremy Renner was pretty great in American Hustle. I wish that was a better movie.

Matthew 2 March 201417:17

Before you all dismiss me for that comment, American Hustle was a good movie. It’s just shallow. It didn’t challenge me to think at any point, unlike some of the other nominees which I ended up thinking about for days.

Simon 2 March 201417:17

Still holding out for Sandra Bullock reuniting with Keanu Reeves for Speed 3

Matthew 2 March 201417:17

But it’s a fun, feel good movie, so here we are with it being a front runner for the win.

Simon 2 March 201417:18

And now, it’s the LOOK HOW WE GOT READY FOR THE OSCARS montage

Simon 2 March 201417:20

“It’s been every adjective you could ever think of”

Disasterous? Repulsive? Omnipresent? Lethargic? Yellow? Moist? Wrinkled?

Simon 2 March 201417:21

Don’t talk like that to an English teacher, buddy.

Matthew 2 March 201417:21
Simon 2 March 201417:25
Matthew 2 March 201417:26

Oh Kevin Spacey. You seem like a great guy. I hope you make some movies in between seasons of House of Cards.

Matthew 2 March 201417:29

And Pacific Rim wasn’t nominated for Best visual Effects because Gravity, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Iron Man 3, The Lone Ranger, and Star Trek Into Darkness all were.

Matthew 2 March 201417:30

I’d rather see Pacific Rim in the running than Lone Ranger though. If only for the practical Jaeger cockpits they built.

Matthew 2 March 201417:30


Simon 2 March 201417:30

Finally. Ellen’s here. Let’s go.

Matthew 2 March 201417:31

You know I always forget how much I like Ellen DeGeneres as a stand up. I’m not a fan of her show, but she is a funny lady.

Matthew 2 March 201417:33

“Barkhad Abdi is a Somialian so he knows a lot about wine.” gold.

Matthew 2 March 201417:33

Ok, laughing out loud. This is a good sign.

Matthew 2 March 201417:34

“One of the best Liza Minelli impersonators I have ever seen is here. Well done sir.” cut to Liza Minelli.


Matthew 2 March 201417:37

Ellen really knows how to work the long, drawn out joke.

Simon 2 March 201417:39

A joke about Jonah Hills’s prosthetic penis! Awesome.

Simon 2 March 201417:40

“You’re All Racists” is a much better film title. Good work Ellen!

Matthew 2 March 201417:40

“Possibility #1 12 Years a Slave wins best picture. Possibility #2, you’re all racists.

And here’s our first white presenter…”

Ellen is pretty great.

Matthew 2 March 201417:41

Best supporting actor right out the gate. Here we go.

  • Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips
  • Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
  • Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave
  • Jonah Hill, The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club
Matthew 2 March 201417:41

I still think Jared Leto is a lock.

Simon 2 March 201417:41

Michael Fassbender should win any award he’s nominated for.

Simon 2 March 201417:42

All great nominees.

Matthew 2 March 201417:42


Simon 2 March 201417:42

Jared Leto!

Simon 2 March 201417:43

Best supporting actor.

Matthew 2 March 201417:43

So well deserved.

Matthew 2 March 201417:43

His first film in 6 years and he’s raking in all the awards. Well done sir.

Matthew 2 March 201417:44

He’s talking about his mom and it’s crazy sweet.

Simon 2 March 201417:44

Aww. He’s thanking his Mum.

Matthew 2 March 201417:45

This speech is really eloquent. I’m amazed they havent started playing him off yet.

Simon 2 March 201417:45

A shout out to Ukraine and Venezuela. Nice.

Simon 2 March 201417:46

So they’re not playing anyone off tonight then. Going to be a long show.

Matthew 2 March 201417:47

Oh Jim Carrey.

Matthew 2 March 201417:48

Jim Carrey is doing his best Bruce Dern impression. Which is a very good Bruce Dern impression.

Matthew 2 March 201417:49

Montage of animated films. So far no Miyzaki. Not sure how I feel about that.

Simon 2 March 201417:50

So the “Animation Heroes” didn’t show any Ghibli. What a joke.

Matthew 2 March 201417:50

Here;s the pic Ellen took of herself:

Matthew 2 March 201417:51

First song performance, Pharrell Williams.

Matthew 2 March 201417:51

Happy from Despicable Me 2… This song is catchy as hell.

Matthew 2 March 201417:52

He’s dancing with Lupita Nyong’o and Amy Adams. Amazing.

Matthew 2 March 201417:53

Let’s get real here. As long as U2 doesn’t win for best song I’ll be happy.

Simon 2 March 201417:53

Amy Adams dancing = yes. Yes.

Matthew 2 March 201417:54
Matthew 2 March 201417:54
Matthew 2 March 201417:55
Matthew 2 March 201417:56

yes, I’ll be scanning twitter in the commercials for things which are relevant and/or funny.

Matthew 2 March 201417:56
Matthew 2 March 201417:57
Matthew 2 March 201417:58

Samuel L Jackson and Naomi Watts presenting for best costume design. No utterances of “motherfucker” yet. from either of them.

Matthew 2 March 201417:59

And The Great Gatsby picks up an award for Costume Design. Catherine Martin. Also nominated for production design tonight.

Simon 2 March 201417:59

Gatsby wins for costume design. Fair enough.

Matthew 2 March 201418:01

Hard to believe that a Jackass movie would be nominated for an oscar, but Bad Grandpa was pretty impressive.

Matthew 2 March 201418:02

Dallas Buyers Club doesn’t seem like it, but there is a lot going on with the makeup in the movie. They were able to make Matthew McConaughey look alternately crazy sick or healthy just with makeup.

Simon 2 March 201418:02

Indy’s playing. Harrison Ford!

Matthew 2 March 201418:02

Harrison Ford walks out to the Indianna Jones theme. Perfect.

Simon 2 March 201418:03

Is the goatee beard for Han? IS IT???

Matthew 2 March 201418:03

First three nominees for best picture. American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Simon 2 March 201418:03

Han will have a beard. Calling it. Ep VII starts filming later soon, I think.

Simon 2 March 201418:04

Movie definition “soon”, of course.

Matthew 2 March 201418:05

Oh The Wolf of Wall Street… I need to watch that movie again.

Simon 2 March 201418:06

Channing Tatum’s got the Handsome that belongs to us. He stole it.

Matthew 2 March 201418:06

Here come the Samsung kids again.

Matthew 2 March 201418:07


Simon 2 March 201418:08

I really hope this doesn’t descend into Super Bowl-level commercial frequency.

Matthew 2 March 201418:08

My favourite part of that bit was Jonah Hill (un mic’d) clearly saying “why not?”

Matthew 2 March 201418:10
Matthew 2 March 201418:11

Matthew McConaughey on stage to present. I really want him to say All right all right all right.

Matthew 2 March 201418:12

What is wrong with Kim Novak’s face?

Matthew 2 March 201418:12

Best animated short film now.

Matthew 2 March 201418:13

Haven’t seen any of them, but something called Mr. Hublot (who-blow) has won.

Matthew 2 March 201418:14

Wow, they really aren’t playing anyone off. we’re gonna be here all night.

Matthew 2 March 201418:14

Here we go, best animated feature. Frozen is my pick.

Matthew 2 March 201418:15


  • The Croods
  • Despicable Me 2
  • Ernest and Celestine
  • Frozen
  • The Wind Rises
Simon 2 March 201418:15

It’s going to be Frozen.

Matthew 2 March 201418:15

Frozen! Woo!

Matthew 2 March 201418:15

Can we officially say that Disney is back now?

Matthew 2 March 201418:16
Matthew 2 March 201418:17

So I’m two for two with my predictions so far. Nifty!

Simon 2 March 201418:17

As a boy, I had a bit of a major crush on Sally Field.

Simon 2 March 201418:20

Montage of great movies really makes me want to watch great movies.

Matthew 2 March 201418:21

Visual Effects time.

Simon 2 March 201418:21

Emma Watson’s eyebrows are hypnotising. They move with her vocal tone.

Matthew 2 March 201418:21

And Pacific Rim wasn’t nominated for Best visual Effects because Gravity, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Iron Man 3, The Lone Ranger, and Star Trek Into Darkness all were.

Matthew 2 March 201418:22

And Gravity wins. SURPRISE. no, wait, the other thing.

Simon 2 March 201418:22

Yay! Gravity wins for Best Visual Effects because it’s amazing.

Simon 2 March 201418:23

Zac Efron presenting at the Oscars. It’s the End Of Days.

Matthew 2 March 201418:24

You know I don’t usually like the Oscar hosts, btu Ellen has been pretty great.

Matthew 2 March 201418:24

Next song. The Moon Song from Her. Such a gorgeous track.

Simon 2 March 201418:24

Didn’t know Karen O (from Yeah Yeah Yeahs would be singing). Night instantly made better.

Matthew 2 March 201418:25

You know, if that fifth nominee hadn’t been revoked, I have no idea how it would have gone over.

Matthew 2 March 201418:25

If you have no idea what I am talking about, check here: http://awesomefriday.ca/2014/01/oscar-madness-academy-rescinds-nomination-in-original-song-category/

Simon 2 March 201418:26


Matthew 2 March 201418:26

The Moon Song is beautiful. Her is a beautiful movie. Maybe it’ll get some love int he song category. Maybe. Probably not, but maybe.

Matthew 2 March 201418:27
Matthew 2 March 201418:28
Matthew 2 March 201418:29
Simon 2 March 201418:30

Commercial time again. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Premiere for making pizza that literally tastes of tomato sauce topped cardboard.

Simon 2 March 201418:30

I’m starting to think that pizza is like wine: spend a bit or just don’t bother.

Matthew 2 March 201418:31
Simon 2 March 201418:31

Anyway, Oscars. Live Action Short now.

Matthew 2 March 201418:31

I haven’t seen any of the live action short films. I wonder where I can see them here in Vancouver.

Simon 2 March 201418:33

So they are playing people out. Good that they waited for him to just start talking about his sick mother.

Matthew 2 March 201418:34

So are they only playing out the “minor” award winners then?

Simon 2 March 201418:37

Bradley Cooper’s up presenting something.

Matthew 2 March 201418:37

Best Documentary Feature time. Fun!

Matthew 2 March 201418:38

20 Feet from Stardom wins. There needs to be a law that Docuemntaries get a theatre in every multiplex or something.

Simon 2 March 201418:38

And here’s student Bradley Cooper asking future co-star Robert De Niro a question in The Actor’s Studiohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EH-7MDPAwo

Matthew 2 March 201418:39

They brought out one of the ladies from the documentary and she’s singing her acceptance speech. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Simon 2 March 201418:40

Everyone’s standing because someone actually did something meaningful.

Simon 2 March 201418:40

Kevin Spacey killing it!

Matthew 2 March 201418:40

I bet it’s one of those things where it’s amazing if you’re there but I don’t have emotions so it fell flat.

Matthew 2 March 201418:40

Frank Underwood is on stage. FUCKING GOLD.

Matthew 2 March 201418:42

Kevin Spacey is giving out the honorary awards. So good.

Matthew 2 March 201418:42

Steve Martin gets one of the honorary awards. Also, he hasn’t aged. Ever.

Matthew 2 March 201418:47

I just checked our stats and there are at least like 6 people following along with us. Hi everyone! Thanks for reading!

Simon 2 March 201418:47

Angelina Jolie got an honorary Oscar for the huge amount of work she does with the UN. A real, meaningful award that gets given out at a separate date.

Matthew 2 March 201418:48
Simon 2 March 201418:48

If you’re reading say hi! At the bottom! NOW

Matthew 2 March 201418:49

Oh Ewan McGregor and your delightful Scottish Accent.

Simon 2 March 201418:49

Ewan MacGregor’s on and he’s got a beard which can only mean he’s back as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Ep VII

Simon 2 March 201418:51

Did the Best Foreign Language Film guy just thank Diego Maradona?

Simon 2 March 201418:51

Did the Best Foreign Language Film guy just thank Diego Maradonna?

Matthew 2 March 201418:52

Tyler Perry is presenting the next nominees for Best Picture.

Nebraska, Her, and Gravity.

Matthew 2 March 201418:52

They’re montaging the shit out of this ceremony.

Matthew 2 March 201418:53

I’d just like to again point out that it’s a god damned travesty that Scarlett Johanssen wasn’t eligible for a nomination for her work in Her. She’s incredible.

Simon 2 March 201418:54

Gravity montage does well to remind how amazing the film is.

Matthew 2 March 201418:54

Brad Pitt is on stage to introduce U2.

Simon 2 March 201418:55

Well, here’s where all my good feelings go out the window as U2 perform their…nominated…song

Matthew 2 March 201418:55

U2 is going to sing that song they’ve been singing since 1995.

Matthew 2 March 201418:56

Oh, they’re doing it all acoustic and heartfelt. I wonder if this was a last minute thing after The Moon Song was so gorgeous.

Matthew 2 March 201418:56

Shame though, they need the big loud music to make it seem like Bono is singing instead of shouting.

Simon 2 March 201418:57

Bono is doing some spectacular Dad wedding dancing.

Simon 2 March 201418:57

He sounds…squeaky.

Matthew 2 March 201418:57

Honestly, I get that the song is about Mandela and that’s a good thing but it seriously is the same fucking song they’ve been singing for ages now.

Simon 2 March 201418:57


Simon 2 March 201418:58

So mature.

Matthew 2 March 201418:58

And the crowd goes wild.

Simon 2 March 201418:58

Aaaand commercials. Still awake out there?

Matthew 2 March 201419:00
Matthew 2 March 201419:00
Matthew 2 March 201419:02
Matthew 2 March 201419:04

Ellent taking selfies with stars is humorous.

Matthew 2 March 201419:05

For a second there I thought that Kristen Bell said she was priviledged not to host the technical awards.

Matthew 2 March 201419:06

Wait. Twitter gave me an error and it isn’t the fail whale. WTF.

Simon 2 March 201419:06

I’m pretty sure Ellen’s just killed Twitter.

Simon 2 March 201419:06

Thor’s proper fucking Australian, isn’t he?

Matthew 2 March 201419:06

So is his brother, Gale.

Simon 2 March 201419:07

And Charlize Theron never, ever looks less than stunning. When she’s not playing a serial killer, that is.

Matthew 2 March 201419:07

Sound awards time. Let’s give it to Inside Llewyn Davis so that that great film gets some love.

Simon 2 March 201419:07

Gravity wins again, for sound. Yay!

Matthew 2 March 201419:08

Twitter is broken. This is the power that Ellen wields.

Simon 2 March 201419:09

Gravity wins again!

Simon 2 March 201419:10

Both of the sound awards.

Matthew 2 March 201419:10

Gravity wins both the sound awards. Deserved, but I wish they’d given them to some of the films that didn’t get any love in the big categories.

Matthew 2 March 201419:12

Best Supporting Actress Time!

Matthew 2 March 201419:13

Come on Lupita Nyong’o win this one already.

Simon 2 March 201419:13

Some great nominees in this category.

Matthew 2 March 201419:14

FUCK YES. The right choice, Academy.

Matthew 2 March 201419:15

This is a field full of amazing talent, but none of the others were quite so visceral, or made me feel quite the same. Glad that the choice I wanted was made rather than what I expected.

Simon 2 March 201419:16

Fuck yeah English Drama School!

Simon 2 March 201419:17

“No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid”. Great speech.

Matthew 2 March 201419:17

They are playing the song about imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Lupita Nyong’o exits. perfect.

Matthew 2 March 201419:18
Matthew 2 March 201419:18

So the best supporting actor and actress speeches have both been great. I wonder who else will measure up.

Matthew 2 March 201419:21

So far we’ve only seen three of the eleven categories that I made predictions in, and I’m two for three with those predictions.

Matthew 2 March 201419:22

Just looking at that selfie that Ellen took with everyone. It’s a great photo.

Matthew 2 March 201419:23

This Pizza bit is kind of great. Ellen really is the master of the long drawn out slow build joke.

Matthew 2 March 201419:23

President’s speech time. President of the academy, not America.

Matthew 2 March 201419:26
Simon 2 March 201419:27

Cinematography. C’mon, Gravity.

Matthew 2 March 201419:27

“You’re the brains of this operation baby, tell ’em who’s up for best shooter” Bill Murray to Amy Adams. Gold.

Matthew 2 March 201419:27

Shout out to Harold Ramis. Nice.

Matthew 2 March 201419:27

Best cinematography is Gravity. So it’s winning all the technical awards.

Simon 2 March 201419:28

And Gravity wins. Awesome.

Matthew 2 March 201419:30
Simon 2 March 201419:30

Editing now. *Gravity* again?

Matthew 2 March 201419:30

Film editing. I really hope John Mac McMurphy wins because then the films director will get some love.

Simon 2 March 201419:30

Gravity again! Rightly so.

Matthew 2 March 201419:30

Nope. Gravity. It is technically astounding.

Matthew 2 March 201419:32

I see what he did here:

Matthew 2 March 201419:33

Whoopi Goldberg is talking about The Wizard of Oz.

Matthew 2 March 201419:33

And wearing ruby slippers.

Matthew 2 March 201419:34

And introducing Judy Garlands Kids.

Matthew 2 March 201419:34

And here’s Pink to do some singing.

Simon 2 March 201419:35

Pink singing some Wizard Of Oz to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Matthew 2 March 201419:35

Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Pink has a better voice than I generally give her credit for.

Simon 2 March 201419:36

Although when I look at Pink I feel the urge to declare that THERE IS ONLY ZUUL

Simon 2 March 201419:37

Oh, yeah, she’s actually a fantastic singer.

Matthew 2 March 201419:38

Standing O for Pink. Rightly so, too.

Matthew 2 March 201419:41
Matthew 2 March 201419:42
Matthew 2 March 201419:43

Ellen now dressed as the good witch. Cute.

Simon 2 March 201419:43

And Ellen’s back on dressed as Glinda!

Simon 2 March 201419:44

Set dec. Gravity? Great Gatsby?

Simon 2 March 201419:44

Gatsby! It did have a lot of set to decorate, to be fair.

Matthew 2 March 201419:46

Benedict Cumberbatch is the best name ever.

Matthew 2 March 201419:46

Chris Evans to introduce a montage of more heroes. Superheroes this time, seems like.

Matthew 2 March 201419:47

These montages are well put together. Like something you’d see on YouTube.

Simon 2 March 201419:47

Hero montage is spectacular, of course.

Matthew 2 March 201419:48

Ok. We are making a venue change.

Matthew 2 March 201419:52

This is what happens when you are planning your live blog events around the sleep schedule of a 3 year old.

Matthew 2 March 201419:53

Glenn Close is on stage. Best known for films like Fatal Attraction, and soon as Nova Prime in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Matthew 2 March 201419:53

She’s introducing the In Memoriam. Prepare for the feels.

Matthew 2 March 201419:54


Matthew 2 March 201419:54

A few claps for James Gandolfini but that’s it so far. What the hell.

Simon 2 March 201419:55

Venue #2, up and running. This year’s Awesome Friday Oscars live blog is brought to you by the awesomeness of my wife.

Matthew 2 March 201419:55

Ok no one is clapping for anyone. Must be being instructed not to, right?

Matthew 2 March 201419:57

Right. No one clapped for Peter O’Toole or Harold Ramis. Either hollywood has no heart or they’re being told not to clap.

Matthew 2 March 201419:57

Which actually makes some sense, because some people always got more applause than others, and that’s also kinda.. well it’s not good anyway.

Matthew 2 March 201419:58

Bette Midler is now out to sing Wind Beneath My Wings. That’s…..cheesy.

Simon 2 March 201419:58

Bette Midler singing “The Wind Beneath My Wings” seems a little misjudged, though.

Matthew 2 March 201419:59

Those last two updates are what happens when we don’t talk to one another.

Simon 2 March 201419:59

Great minds type alike.

Matthew 2 March 201420:02

I get what they were going for, it just seems a little on the nose.

Simon 2 March 201420:12

The sound designer for Back To The Future died. He may not have been as well known as many of the In Memorandum people, but his work had a major influence in my creative life. Always trying to rip that sound off. It’s all wonderful, from the snap of the time machine to the clicks of the amps.

Matthew 2 March 201420:12

I heart database errors.

Matthew 2 March 201420:13

Jamie Foxx is backing up Jessica Biel with the Chariots of Fire music, sung acapella. Awesome.

Matthew 2 March 201420:14

Best score time.

Matthew 2 March 201420:14

Steven Price wins for Gravity. Woo!

Simon 2 March 201420:15

We’re back. Missed the opportunity to tell you how amazing Indel Menzel is.

Matthew 2 March 201420:15

I’ve lost track, how many has Gravity won now?

Simon 2 March 201420:15

Really glad Gravity won Best Soundtrack, it’s absolutely amazing.

Matthew 2 March 201420:16

And now the songs….

Simon 2 March 201420:17

Yay, “Let It Go” won Best Song from Frozen. Good choice.

Matthew 2 March 201420:17

Frozen. Fuck yes. For a second there I was worried they’d give it to U2.

Also, The writers of the song have now gone EGOT. Fucking incredible.

Simon 2 March 201420:18

Jessica Biel looks great.

Matthew 2 March 201420:18

That was a great speech from Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Matthew 2 March 201420:18

Side note. I really hate how Linux handles the touchpad on this notebook.

Matthew 2 March 201420:19
Matthew 2 March 201420:21
Matthew 2 March 201420:21
Matthew 2 March 201420:23
Matthew 2 March 201420:24

Ellen gathering cash for the pizza. Love Kevin Spacey. “That’s for you.”

Matthew 2 March 201420:24

Screenpay time. Adapted first.

Matthew 2 March 201420:24

Before Midnight, written by Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, and Ethan Hawke Captain Phillips, screenplay by Billy Ray Philomena, screenplay by Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope 12 Years a Slave, screenplay by John Ridley The Wolf of Wall Street, screenplay by Terence Winter

Simon 2 March 201420:25

Robert De Niro and Penelope Cruz about to announce Best Adapted Screenplay.

Matthew 2 March 201420:25

aaaannnnnddddd……. 12 Years a Slave. As expected.

Simon 2 March 201420:26

Original Screenplay. American Hustle, I think.

Matthew 2 March 201420:27

And best original:

American Hustle, written by Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell Blue Jasmine, written by Woody Allen Dallas Buyers Club, written by Craig Borten & Melisa Wallack Her, written by Spike Jonze Nebraska, written by Bob Nelson

Simon 2 March 201420:27

But Her would be great.

Simon 2 March 201420:27

It’s Her!

Matthew 2 March 201420:27

Annnnndddd………….. Spike FUCKING JONZE. FUCK YES.

Matthew 2 March 201420:28

So. I;m now 6 for 7 with my predictions, and the one I got wrong went to my choice rather than my expectation. Not bad so far!

Simon 2 March 201420:28

I love Spike Jonze.

Matthew 2 March 201420:29

So best actor and actress, director and picture left to go. What do you guys think?

Simon 2 March 201420:29

Once again, it’s worth mentioning how absolutely stunning Karen O looks tonight.

Matthew 2 March 201420:30
Simon 2 March 201420:30

I wonder who she’s wearingnnnNNNHHHHHHHH sorry I can’t

Matthew 2 March 201420:31

Well that was quick.

Matthew 2 March 201420:32
Simon 2 March 201420:33

Long applause for Sidney Poitier, as there should be.

Matthew 2 March 201420:33

The stuff nightmares are made of:

Matthew 2 March 201420:33

Sidney Poitier. Still classy.

Matthew 2 March 201420:34

Best director time.

Matthew 2 March 201420:34

David O. Russell, American Hustle Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity Alexander Payne, Nebraska Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street

Simon 2 March 201420:34

Gravity Gravity Gravity

Matthew 2 March 201420:34

At this point I don’t know if it’s gonna be Steve McQueen or not.

Matthew 2 March 201420:34


Matthew 2 March 201420:35

Wow, they gave it to Gravity.

Simon 2 March 201420:35

Gravity! Fucking brilliant!

Simon 2 March 201420:35

Honestly thought it might go to Marty for the fantastic Wolf Of Wall Street, but so happy with this result.

Matthew 2 March 201420:35

Did not see that coming before the show. Has been becomig apparent throughout though.

Matthew 2 March 201420:36

To be fair, if there was ever a category that was hard to choose from? It was this one.

Matthew 2 March 201420:36

But still. Did not expect. Now wondering if it’s going to take the top prize and/or best actress.

Matthew 2 March 201420:37

I’m 6 for 8 now, fwiw.

Simon 2 March 201420:38

“Wise guys at Warner Bros…wise people at Warner Bros”

Big difference, Alfonso, but you may have been right first time!

Matthew 2 March 201420:38
Matthew 2 March 201420:39
Simon 2 March 201420:39

I taught Alfonso Cuaron’s nephew. He was in my film studies class. True story. I like to think some of my teaching may have worked its way back up the family tree.

Matthew 2 March 201420:39

Sorry, that last one was about Sidney Poitier not Cuaron.

Matthew 2 March 201420:40
Matthew 2 March 201420:41
Matthew 2 March 201420:41

Daniel Day-Lewis is on stage so here comes Best Actress.

Amy Adams, American Hustle Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine Sandra Bullock, Gravity Judi Dench, Philomena Meryl Streep, August: Osage County

Simon 2 March 201420:41

Daniel Day-Lewis will tell us about Best Actress and such.

Simon 2 March 201420:42

Sandra Bullock for Gravity would be lovely.

Matthew 2 March 201420:43

I picked Cate Blanchett. Not that confident inthe choice anymore what with all the Gravity love.

Matthew 2 March 201420:44

Hooray for Cate Blanchett! Was worried for a moment there!

Simon 2 March 201420:44

Cate Blanchett wins. Well deserved, I’m sure, but…Sandra Bullock tore it up.

Matthew 2 March 201420:45

“..receiving this honour from you exacerbates it…” wait, doesn’t that mean “to make worse”?

Matthew 2 March 201420:46
Simon 2 March 201420:46


Simon 2 March 201420:46

To both updates.

Matthew 2 March 201420:46
Matthew 2 March 201420:47
Simon 2 March 201420:48

Now, Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actor.

Matthew 2 March 201420:48

Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous. Just sayin’.

Matthew 2 March 201420:49


Christian Bale, American Hustle

Bruce Dern, Nebraska

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street

Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave

Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew 2 March 201420:49

Come on Leo…….

Simon 2 March 201420:49

C’mon, Leo. This is your year, and you deserve it.

Matthew 2 March 201420:50

yeah. BUt McConaughey, right?

Simon 2 March 201420:51

Or maybe not.

Matthew 2 March 201420:51

All right, all right, all right.

Simon 2 March 201420:51

Leo, that is.

Simon 2 March 201420:51

Cue a million Sad Leo memes on Imgur tomorrow.

Simon 2 March 201420:52

I still can’t believe Matthew McConaughey didn’t win for Sahara.

Matthew 2 March 201420:53
Matthew 2 March 201420:53

This would be amazing.

Matthew 2 March 201420:54

And the winner for best accent is Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew 2 March 201420:54


Simon 2 March 201420:55

Ha! He was awesome.

Matthew 2 March 201420:55

So I’m 8 for 10 going into best picture.

Simon 2 March 201420:55

Best Picture now.

Simon 2 March 201420:55

Ellen’s been fantastic all night.

Matthew 2 March 201420:56

So. 12 Years a Slave or Gravity? I have no idea at this point.

Simon 2 March 201420:56

So, I would like Gravity to win. Fingers crossed.

Matthew 2 March 201420:56

Sort of random, but I’m really liking the title cards they’ve been using.

Simon 2 March 201420:57

12 Years a Slave!

Matthew 2 March 201420:57

12 Years a Slave best picture. But not the best written or directed.

Simon 2 March 201420:57

Well deserved, by all accounts.

Matthew 2 March 201420:58

This happened last year too, when Ben Affleck didn’t even get nominated for best director.

Matthew 2 March 201420:59

by “this happened” I mean the producers letting the director take the spotlight for the best picture win.

Simon 2 March 201420:59

Should really watch this film.

Matthew 2 March 201421:00
Matthew 2 March 201421:01

Sooo that was an interesting show.

Simon 2 March 201421:02

All done. No crazy choices, all seemed to be fitting. Glad Gravity got some serious love, and Spike Jonze got one too!

Simon 2 March 201421:03

So, thanks for sticking with us. Watch out for our next podcast where we’ll be kicking around our impressions of the winners. Bye!

Matthew 2 March 201421:03

Right. So, I went 9 for 11 with predictions. Not bad. Should have laid some bets.

Matthew 2 March 201421:05

Only a few surprises, loved the performances. Loved Ellen for a change. As Simon says pay attention to the next podcast for some follow up discussion.

Simon 2 March 201421:06

Also, to me fair to Matthew McConaughey re: that Tweet, he did say his hero was always himself in ten year’s time, in that he always wanted to chase and improve.

Simon 2 March 201421:06

Right, really going now. Good night!

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  • Carl Sagen

    Sleepy time in the uk now. Keep up the good work I’ll catch up in the morning!zzzzzzzz

  • Miranda

    You know they don’t buy the clothes, right? Like the jewelry, they’re usually on loan from the designers and go back the next day.

    • Yeah, but it’s still exhausting to hear over and over!

  • Miranda

    The awards part of the show actually doesn’t start until 5:30 pm.

  • Miranda

    “Amazingly blue” and cannot improv on “charcoal”. Honey, you are a beautiful man, but fail.

  • Miranda

    Still surprised that a parade of slim, fit, youthful, fit, beautiful, wealthy, fit women in expensive, carefully-arbited clothing, jewelry, hair and makeup elicits no better than A Clockwork Orange reference from a pair of heterosexual dudes (I’m assuming Matthew is).

    • Simon

      Meh. Maybe when I was younger, but – and you must be the same – having worked in the industry, the superficiality of it all is really starting to grate. Anyway, I need more than just looks. Olivia Wilde is a great example – she may look like a Disney Greek Goddess but she’s also very smart and funny. Looks+smarts+funny = magic combination.