86th Academy Awards Liveblog

Posted by Matthew on March 02, 2014
Live Blog

86th Oscars

It’s that time again folks for us to sit in judgement of choices that millionaires make as they give each other solid gold statues.

You can check Matt’s predictions here but in the mean time sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

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7 Comments to 86th Academy Awards Liveblog

  • Carl Sagen says:

    Sleepy time in the uk now. Keep up the good work I’ll catch up in the morning!zzzzzzzz

  • Miranda says:

    You know they don’t buy the clothes, right? Like the jewelry, they’re usually on loan from the designers and go back the next day.

  • Miranda says:

    The awards part of the show actually doesn’t start until 5:30 pm.

  • Miranda says:

    “Amazingly blue” and cannot improv on “charcoal”. Honey, you are a beautiful man, but fail.

  • Miranda says:

    Still surprised that a parade of slim, fit, youthful, fit, beautiful, wealthy, fit women in expensive, carefully-arbited clothing, jewelry, hair and makeup elicits no better than A Clockwork Orange reference from a pair of heterosexual dudes (I’m assuming Matthew is).

    • Simon says:

      Meh. Maybe when I was younger, but – and you must be the same – having worked in the industry, the superficiality of it all is really starting to grate. Anyway, I need more than just looks. Olivia Wilde is a great example – she may look like a Disney Greek Goddess but she’s also very smart and funny. Looks+smarts+funny = magic combination.