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Review: 47 Ronin

Posted by Simon on January 10, 2014
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Japan is a beautiful country. I know that even though I’ve never actually set foot on its soil. Thousands of years of myth and steadfast tradition has long enthralled the more relaxed Western cultures, and cinema has always revelled in the deep cultures of its picturesque history. Modern filmic takes like the animated Spirited Away go into great detail to bring their Japanese worlds to life, and often this can result in deep, complicated and slow-burning plots that weave through character and mystery.

Unfortunately, 47 Ronin is what happens when someone called Carl watches a Japanese samurai classic and thinks “you know, this could be more accessible.”

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47 Ronin Second Trailer Still Looks Like ‘300’ Set In Japan

Posted by Matthew on October 28, 2013
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47 Ronin

Here comes another trailer for the 47 Ronin. I still don’t know what to make of it.

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Something For The Weekend: Pacific Rim

Posted by Matthew on October 18, 2013
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Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is going to be on my top ten list this year, and pretty close to the top. It’s one of very few movies tentpole movies I saw this year that I felt pure delight watching. It’s giant robots fighting giant monsters, what more could you want out of a popcorn action movie?

Here’s a snippet of my review from the summer:

[…] there’s no navel gazing in this movie, no “let’s explore the grey areas of the morality of what we are doing” or “what am I going to do with the amount of power I’ve been handed” or “I can’t take the pressure of protecting the world”, there’s just “HOLY SHIT A GIANT MONSTER GET IN THIS GIANT ROBOT AND GO PUNCH IT IN THE FACE!”

Let’s not mince words here, this movie is everything that a big summer movie is supposed to be: epic, ambitious, imaginative, engrossing, and above all it’s fucking fun.

It’s also one of only big budget feature this year that wasn’t a sequel or a remake and that alone is worth giving it a look. You can buy it below from Amazon or iTunes (or rent, if that’s your thing). Full disclosure: these are affiliate links so if youdo purchase we’ll get a cut which will help us keep doing what we’re doing. If you have an ad blocker in place you may need to turn it off and we’d be much obliged if you would.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

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Review: Pacific Rim

Posted by Matthew on July 13, 2013
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Pacific Rim

You don’t need to read this. I’d like you to but there’s no need. Pacific Rim is awesome and you should go see it. I’ll tell you why but it really doesn’t matter, just go enjoy it because it’s the best big budget action movie of the summer so far, this year so far, and the most fun I’ve had at the movies in what must be years.

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