Simon’s 2014: A Lego Surprise And Nintendo Fights Back



2014! I had another baby and as such my Best Of The Year list is maybe not as exhaustive as Matt’s, but I could tell you anything you need to know about Go, Diego, Go!. And how 3am feels.

Here’s my best movies and games of the year.

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Something For The Weekend: Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Some games try to be funny with a sparky script written by a bored scriptwriter who dreams of hitting the big league. Even if it manages to rise above the usual misfired dross, the funniest jokes will only work the first time before they become the script equivalent of your Dad dancing at a wedding.

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Podcast Episode 60: I, Frankenstein, Nidhogg, and Superheroes

Awesome Friday

It’s time for another very special episode of Awesome Friday! This week we’re discussing the film I, Frankenstein, the game Nidhogg, and the state of Superhero movies, and the Marvel Universe, and where they can go from here.

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Review: Nidhogg (PC)


If games are dancing, then Nidhogg is the Argentinian Tango. Grace and blood, attacks and parries, personal space being fiercely invaded time and time again. Swift moves sometimes sliding into long-held pauses with heartbeat percussion as underscore. The name for developer Messhof’s newly-released fencing-come-LSD-trip comes from a huge dragon featured in Norse mythology, whose primary interest was the chewing of both life-trees and on the bodies of the unfit for eternity.

And once this game has you, there couldn’t be a more apt title.

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